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» New Special Report

Signs of the Blood Moon - Now Available!

With the convergence of so many different prophetic themes happening at this time we felt a closer look at the subject of the "Blood Moon Tetrads of 2014 - 2015" should be examined in it's larger prophetic context. As such we have developed a special report to do this entitled "Signs of the Blood Moons".

Within the next 2-3 years we are looking at many significant developments on the prophetic stage that tie into this time frame and as such would seem to confirm the significance of these "signs in the heavens". It's not just one single event - but multiple events:

1. Restarting the Middle East Peace Process 
2. Will the success of these talks lead to "final peace treaty" of Daniel 9:27?
3. Will the failure of talks lead to war of Psalm 83?
4. Iran is about to cross Israel's "red line" - will this lead to Ezekiel 38?
5. New poll showing 30% want Israel's temple rebuilt - how close are we to seeing this?
6. EU elections in 2014 - Will a new charismatic EU leader arise?
8. The Burden of Damascus (Isaiah 17) - Will Damascus be destroyed from within?
9. Will a new Muslim leader emerge from the Sunni/Shiite Civil War to unite Islam (The Mahdi)?
10. The Blood Moon Tetrad Cycle climaxes in Sept 2015

Our special report will cover these topics and much more as we hope to provide some biblical context. We hope you will be challenged and encouraged by this report as you are reminded that the creator of the universe has told us of such events in advance.

We have created a special promotion page for our report that can now be accessed here:

  Signs of the Blood Moon