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Students of Bible prophecy see the signs all around us pointing to a coming disaster. An overinflated stock market; an economy that is far from healthy; manipulated unemployment figures; the collapse of traditional marriage; rampant drug abuse and pornography; the removal of God from society; persecution of Jews and Christians; and above all, the callous treatment of Godís chosen people, the Jewish nation of Israel. How long will God hold His fury before he allows judgment to fall on America? Will God remove His hand of protection soon? 

Is it possible there exists a 3,000 year mystery that is determining Americaís future and your future? Does this mystery determine the rise and fall of the economy and the collapse of Wall Street? Has this mystery pinpointed the greatest stock market crashes in history down to their exact dates? Does this mystery foretell the rise and fall of nations and what may be the coming fall of America? Does it tell of a coming calamity and how to prepare for it?

This riveting documentary DVD is based on Jonathan Cahnís New York Times best selling book, The Mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn reveals the seven-year mystery that is essential to understanding the past, the present and the future.  PLUS, over 50 minutes of bonus features that go deeper into the mystery, what lies ahead and how you can prepared and ready. 

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