November 22, 2015
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» True Legends: Technology Of The Fallen DVD


Genesis 6 remains one of the most fascinating and controversial chapters of the Bible.  While the theological debate continues about who the "sons of God" are in this chapter - what physical evidence exists in our earth's past that might line up with the Nephilim theory. Join Timothy Alberino and the GenSix Productions film crew as they head to the High Plain (“Altiplano”) of Peru and Bolivia on the shores of legendary Lake Titicaca to investigate some of the most compelling evidence on the planet of fallen angels and their giant hybrid offspring (Nephilim) in the antediluvian past. 

This full length feature film includes cutting edge research that uncovers and publishes, for the first time, historical documentation which proves that colossal giants once roamed the lands of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia; as well as reveals never before seen mind-blowing geoglyphs engraved on the surface of the earth and stretching for hundreds of miles over the Altiplano. Join the crew as they examine the megalithic mysteries of Tiwanaku and confirm that both the Inca and the Spanish chroniclers were well aware of who built Puma Punku, and when. Based on the book True Legends by internationally acclaimed author and researcher Steve Quayle, True Legends the Documentary Film Series will take you on an epic journey all over the globe exploring the mysteries of a forgotten age, and exposing the secrets of a forbidden history.

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Decoding the Future DVD Series (7 Discs)

Revelation is the only book of scripture that promises a special blessings just for reading it. Yet ironically it is one of the most avoided books of scripture. Now more than ever Christians need to have a deeper understanding of this book so that they have a fuller grasp to how current events may fit into the larger context of God's plan for the last days.

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