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Blood Moon Prophecy

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Deciphering End Time Prophetic Codes (Book)


An Important Introduction: Biblical Types, Shadows, Patterns, and Cycles

- Unlocking Cyclical Prophetic Codes
- Three Ways of Counting Time in God's Cosmic Calendar
- When Prophetic Time Becomes "Crunched"
- Prophecies Encoded in the Hebrew Alphabet and Numbers
- Visions and Dreams Concerning America's Future Events
- Amazing Prophetic Patterns of American Presidents and World Leaders
- Six Prophetic Warnings From General Booth
- America and Babylon Parallels
- America's Roman Road to the Bottom
- Is it 1933 All Over Again?
- Obamacare, RFID and National ID
- America's Final Visitation at the Time of the End

Paperback - 247 Pages

- $25 USD (includes shipping)
- $35 USD (includes shipping)