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The Star Of Bethlehem DVD


Prophecy News Watch is pleased to present to you again this Christmas season our most popular selling product of all time - The Star of Bethlehem DVD. We believe it is one of the most powerful DVD's you can watch as a family this season to strengthen and encourage your faith. Over the past few years this DVD documentary has been seen by thousands and generated a huge amount of discussion across the globe. The Christmas season can often wrap us up in the traditions of the Bible in such a way that we adopt many Christmas stories without taking the time to dig a little deeper. I would like to challenge all of our subscribers this Christmas season to re-examine the story of the Star of Bethlehem. How much do we really understand about this event in the heavens? The Bible makes a surprising number of references to signs in the heavens, including events yet to happen. Both Old and New Testaments assume that what happens up there matters.

Scholars believe that the Book of Job is the oldest Biblical text, likely originating before the time of Abraham and the founding of the Jewish nation. It's interesting, then, to find that this oldest book speaks of the stars and the constellations with respect. It states that God set them in place. And it references the same constellations we know today. Using the starry night astronomical program you will take a walk backwards in time through the solar system to see the actual nighttime skies over the Middle East at the time of Jesus' birth. Those who have seen this presentation have been left awe struck at the nature of God's creation and how the heavens declare the glory of God. Once you have seen this video you are going to want to share with friends so we are promoting this DVD a little early this year so you have time to preview it and plan ahead to share with loved ones. For those skeptics who have a soft spot for Christmas - this is a DVD that even non-believers will have a hard time not deeply contemplating after viewing. Here are some comments from previous viewers:

"This is one of the best lectures on exterior Biblical evidence I have ever seen. The man has really has really done his research. This man has single handedly narrowed down the two biggest astronomical events in world history, and his vivid description of those days two thousand years ago is so shocking that I would be surprised if any Christian who watched this was not a little teary at the end.. "

" No matter where you are in your level of faith this presentation is sure to increase your faith!! I love science & have a very scientific mind...it just ministered to me so much how science continues to prove God's existence & reveal God's plan for the salvation of the world. It's also a great evangelistic & ministry tool to share with nonbelievers or believers who are struggling with doubt. Just a forewarning...you will have to watch this DVD at least 2 times to really have it all soak in.."

"When I first heard about The Star of Bethlehem, I must confess to being a bit skeptical. I had read over the years numerous posited theories of what it might have been, but none really made much sense. Everything from comets to supernovas to planets to the moon had been offered up, but none of these would be something unusual to people who saw the night skies every night. Whatever it was would have to have been truly remarkable. And this presentation shows just what that may have been and just how remarkable it must have been to those who saw it. This is an excellent and extremely well produced DVD and I would highly recommend it to anyone".

"This DVD presents startling revelations about what the constellations "say" regarding the conception, birth, and death of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. The teacher/researcher/astronomer simply compares what the bible says to what the stars say. Because the universe can be "re-wound" like a clock, we can actually see the night sky at the time of Christ. What the researcher has discovered is incredible".

"Practically everything in the nighttime sky has at one time or another been proposed as the Star of Bethlehem. I've seen a lot of documentaries on possible phenomena that could have been "The Star." This is the FIRST, which has me convinced! Mr. Larson has done fascinating research--Biblical and historical. Furthermore, he uses a commercially available (and scientifically accurate) program (Starry Night Pro) to run the solar system backwards through time to see the actual nighttime skies over the Middle East at the time of Jesus' birth. You can buy the program and verify this for yourself. The celestial conjunctions he describes (and shows) are 100% accurate. The mathematics of how the solar system works do not lie. His logical arguments on their meanings, based on historical research and astronomical symbology, are almost as difficult to assail. The awesome implications of this material will have many shouting in excitement! Interestingly, he also presents some similarly veined information on the date of Jesus' crucifixion which will also "wow" all but the most jaded hearts! Whether you are convinced by his conclusions or not, if you aren't stunned and awed by the material in this presentation, you haven't understood it!!! In my opinion, this documentary has a place in the home of every serious Christian. Not to confirm your Faith, (although it may) but for its Scriptural journey and for the wonder and joy found in seeing the awesome majesty of the Creator's handiwork, written across the sky! "

- $20 USD
- $30 USD

Redeemed Unredeemable: When America's Most Notorious Criminals Came Face To Face With God Book

Jesus said that redemption, eternal salvation, is available to everyone. No one is beyond His reach; no one falls outside the boundaries of His willingness to forgive. Anyone who calls on Him will be saved, He says. But, does that really include names like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Susan Atkins, Charles Tex Watson, Sean Sellers, David Berkowitz, and Karla Faye Tucker? The book, Redeemed Unredeemable: When America’s Most Notorious Criminals Came Face to Face with God, written by best-selling author Thomas Horn and co-authored by Donna Howell addresses this question from a fearless, yet respectful, angle.

Horn has referred to this book in several interviews as “the most important work he has ever written.” 


- Exhaustive, fresh research into the court documents and news reports of the most famous criminal investigations and trials including information that was not available at the times of the crimes but confirmed to Tom Horn in writing from David Berkowitz (Son of Sam killer) and Charles “Tex” Watson (Manson Family main hitman).

- Exclusive interviews with many who were involved in these cases, including relatives of the victims and perpetrators, prison staff members and ministers, and, when possible, even the criminals, themselves.

- Surprising information about those convicted, including a comprehensive look at their family history, their childhoods, and possible motivations for their horrific deeds· 

- Fresh, big-picture insight into the culture and times that served as the backdrop for these offenders’ lives.

- Rare glimpses into these convicted felons’ private lives after sentencing and incarceration· Compelling exploration of some of the spiritual issues that might have influenced, shaped, and ultimately transformed these men and women.

While in no way attempting to excuse or justify any of the devastating crimes these men and women have committed, Horn and Howell’s investigation brings to light not just seven case studies of hardened criminals, but seven accounts of loss. Seven stories of searching. Seven chronicles of change. And, ultimately, seven testimonies about redemption.

Read for yourself the untold stories of America’s most notorious killers, the unspeakably difficult journeys that brought them to their knees, and the victims who came forward to forgive them. 

- $25 USD
- $35 USD

End Times Eyewitness: Israel, Islam And The Unfolding Signs Of The Messiah's Return DVD


Is the return of Jesus closer than you think? What are the most powerful prophetic signs being fulfilled on the earth today? How is the new Middle East after the Arab Spring aligning with the testimony of the biblical prophets? What are the little-known prophetic signs that few are paying attention to?

"End Times Eyewitness" takes you on a firsthand journey into the heart of the biblical world, to the front lines of the ongoing Middle Eastern revolutions, to discover the shocking answer to all of these questions. Filmed in several nations and featuring the testimonies of global Christian leaders, pastors, theologians and missionaries, "End Times Eyewitness" reveals which biblical prophecies of the Last Days are being fulfilled on the earth today and what is coming next.

Join New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson as he interviews:

- Old Testament scholar Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
- Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
- CBN Middle East bureau chief Chris Mitchell
- Temple Mount Heritage Foundation chairman Rabbi Yehuda Glick (who survived recent assassination attempt in Jerusalem)
- International House of Prayer director Mike Bickle, and
- Many other Christian leaders from Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and the United States

Filmed in the Middle East in the midst of uprisings and revolutionary fervor, "End Times Eyewitness," produced by WND Films with Joel Richardson, goes further and deeper into the heart of the conflict than network news teams dare to venture. The access provided is unprecedented. The footage captured is remarkable. The biblical insights from scholars, reporters, rabbis and Christian leaders are startling.

- $25 USD
- $35 USD