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» Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is this email service free? 

A. Yes. 

Q. What is your privacy policy? 

A. We do not sell our mailing list. We hate spam too! 

Q. How frequent are the emails? 

A. Typically we send between 2-3 emails a week depending on how important certain news events are. We don't want to clutter your inbox but we don't want you to be caught unaware either. 

Q. What is the format of the emails? 

A. News highlights are divided into the 9 Prophetic Trends for easy viewing and scrolling. Each news item is listed via headline, summary paragraph and a link to the full story. See our current edition for an illustration. We typically have between 5-7 news stories per edition.

Q. Where do you get your info? 

A. Thousands of different news sources are searched for stories that offer the best details and perspectives you may not be hearing about in the mainstream press. We only use sources that have a proven and credible track record.

Q. How are you different than other headline news services? 

A. Lots of news sites give you headlines, we give you filtered news as it relates to Bible prophecy. By dividing the news into prophetic trends you can better understand the relevance of how it might fit into what the Bible says about the Last Days. Our editors personally review the most relevant events of the day and only write articles that have significant impact on the Bible Prophecy trends. We don't just scroll headlines that may have no relevance. 

Q. Why are you doing this? 

A. Jesus commanded us to be aware of the "Signs of the Times". Part of that means really knowing what is going on - but few of us have the time to keep up to date on world events. Time is precious and by offering this service we hope to provide the news your looking for so that you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. 

Q. What is your statement of faith?

A. Please click here for our statement of faith: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/faithstatement.htm

Q. What is your shipping/refund policy

A. All orders are shipped within 48hrs of ordering unless on backorder.  Refunds will be issued for any returned products within 2-3 days.