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Digital Currency Sooner Than You Think - 90% Of Central Banks Getting Ready

Central bank digital currencies will mean the total death of any economic freedom the public has left, and central banks are exploiting disasters like FTX to make that death happen even faster.

UN Votes To Hold Annual Event Memorializing Israel's Founding As A 'Catastrophe'

The United Nations General Assembly voted on Wednesday to hold an event commemorating Israel's establishment as a 'catastrophe' with 90 nations voting in favor.

The Political Seduction Of The Christian Left

A pastor stands behind a podium with an entourage of other leaders behind him, shouting out, "Joshua had to ask the people: Which side are you on? Which god are you going to serve? Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Walker or Warnock. As for me and our house, we're gonna serve the Lord. We're gonna vote for Warnock...It's our time because it's God's time."

Canada's Disturbing Glamorization Of 'Assisted Suicide' For Healthy People

Canada's full-on embrace and glamorization of 'assisted suicide' for physically healthy people is one of the most dire and consequential things happening in the western world right now.

12 Signs The World Is Running Out Of Normal

Many people say that today is no different than any other time in history. Here is a list of 12 signs that tell us how unique our generation is and how we are rapidly running out of normal.

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December 02, 2022Republican Betrayal And The Collapse Of Christian Courage

The fact that a radical same-sex marriage bill is actually receiving support from many 'evangelical leaders' -- and is also receiving support from what one would have hoped would be conservative members of Congress -- is indicative of the times in which we're living....

December 02, 2022Canadian Prime Minister Wants Us To Start Accepting & Learning From Drag Queens

Canadians were again made proud by their costume-loving leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as his appearance on 'Canada's Drag Race' was released online and it was, if possible, worse than one might have thought....

November 30, 2022Waiting In The Wings For An Economic Collapse - The Digital Dollar

Are you ready for the government to monitor what you buy and sell on a daily basis? Because that is what could happen if you start using the new "digital dollar" that they are now testing. ...

November 30, 20222023 Preview: 41 Percent Of Small Businesses Could Not Pay Rent In November

Due to high inflation, reduced consumer spending, higher rents and other economic pressures, U.S.-based small business owners' rent problems just escalated to new heights nationally this month....

November 30, 2022Israel Could Face Nightmare Scenario Of Hezbollah Chemical Weapons

The Saudi Al-Hadath news website has published a report claiming to detail an Iranian plan to supply rockets--with chemical warheads--to Hezbollah in Lebanon....

November 30, 2022Evangelicals Now Majority In Central America,Christianity Greatly Declines In UK

The research company M&R Consultants has carried out the "First Central American survey on religious affiliation, beliefs and practices" showing a dramatic decline of Roman Catholicism and the rise of Evangelicals....

November 28, 2022Will An Economic Pearl Harbor Destroy America?

The U.S. is setting itself up for a modern day Pearl Harbor - one from which it will never recover. And it won't be the result of a military strike. It will be the result of an economic one. To understand what's coming, we need to understand our history....