Prison Just Got More Dangerous - Inmates To Choose Their Gender Identity

News Image By PNW Staff April 30, 2018
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San Francisco was the first city to require its jails to allow inmates to select the gender of their housing unit when it did so in 2015, and now Mayor Bill de Blasio is making New York City the second such city, as moral insanity has run amok. 

Previously, inmates were housed according to their biological sexual identity at birth, males with males and females with females. Those who were determined to be transsexuals were segregated for their own protection into housing units within the jails or put in isolation. 

At last count, the New York City Transgender Housing Unit was reported to contain 12 inmates. This is common practice at many American prisons because, according to a 2009 study done in California, transgendered inmates are sexually assaulted at 13 times the rate as other inmates. To a cell block of sex-starved, criminal men, some of whom are both homosexual and predatory, an effeminate man is an easy target.

As part of the larger movement that seeks to change society according to the whim of gender radicals, in 2016 Mayor de Blasio directed NYC schools, recreation centers and other public buildings to allow individuals to use whichever bathroom they desire. 

Biological men were then free to use the women's restroom and vice versa, but an exemption was given temporarily to jails and prisons due to safety concerns. Can we now assume that those safety concerns have disappeared and that housing biological males with women, if those men so choose, doesn't put their female cellmates at risk of rape?

According to the new policy put in place by Mayor de Blasio, male inmates will be free to declare themselves "women" (trans-women of course) and then be admitted to cell blocks full of females as an exercise in gender political correctness taken to its illogical conclusion.

A male criminal, perhaps a rapist already, deemed too violent or too immoral to be allowed out on parole, may now be housed with all women. Because, after all, if gender is simply a personal choice based on a societal construct, then biology no longer matters. 

Just accept that the young, aggressive, muscular male convicted of assault can now share a cell with a woman prisoner, so long as he "thinks himself" to be a transwoman.

Without special housing units, such a policy may indeed make men who live as women safer from sexual assault if they can be housed with women. That much may be true. But what about the men who manipulate the system (and what criminal wouldn't?) to be housed with all women? 

Conversely, what about a biological woman, living as a man, who may now find herself housed with sex-starved male felons? 

The policy is destined to be an exercise in unforeseen consequences for all those who blindly accept the propaganda of gender radicalism.

The bottom line is that prison just got far more dangerous for prisoners because New York is allowing inmates to choose their own sexual identity. It is more dangerous for female prison populations who now have to deal with male intruders and more dangerous for biological females who may now be forced to serve their time with males. 

There is no question that homosexual or transsexual inmates in prison are targets for sexual assault, but simply allowing everyone to choose their gender rather than protecting vulnerable inmates puts more inmates at risk than ever before.

If the fox tells us he identifies as a chicken, should the diligent farmer welcome him into the hen house to avoid offending him and the social justice warriors? Based on this decision, Mayor de Blasio seems to think he should.

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