The Blood Of Slain Israelis Stains Many Hands

News Image By Melanie Phillips/ September 21, 2018
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It's often claimed by Western enemies of Israel that the military actions of the Israel Defense Forces against Hamas in Gaza are disproportionate because such actions kill Arabs while Hamas attacks don't kill Israelis.

That's apparently why the Western media ignore the thousands of rockets and aerial firebombs launched from Gaza to kill the residents of southern Israel, reporting instead IDF military action to stop such attacks as the wanton killing of civilians.

When an Israeli actually is murdered by an Arab in cold blood, however, this isn't reported as wanton killing of the innocent, if he happens to be the wrong sort of Israeli. Then it's suggested his murder is his own fault.

The killing of American-born Israeli Ari Fuld on Sept. 16 has caused an outpouring of grief in Israel. The impassioned eulogies to him poured out not just because his wife, four children, parents and the rest of his family have been so cruelly bereaved.

It's because he was a brave and outstanding fighter for Israel and the Jewish people, and admired even by his political opponents on account of his warm nature. He devoted his existence to fighting a great evil to which he has now lost his own life.

The Western media, however, don't count Ari Fuld as a victim at all because, as a resident of the Judean town of Efrat, he was a "settler."

The murder of other Israeli residents of the disputed territories is similarly shrugged off or unreported by the Western media. For them, "settlers" are dehumanized and their lives reckoned as of no account. Thus their murder is, in effect, justified and condoned.

This revolting attitude is all of a piece with the moral depravity of much of the West over the Arab war against Israel. Parroting the misleading mantra of a "two-state solution," they deny the truths of history and law and ignore the real Arab agenda of colonial conquest and the extermination of Jewish nationhood.

For the supposed "settlers" are not in these lands illegally. They are entitled to be there. In the British Mandate for Palestine in 1922, the international community gave the Jews alone the right to settle what is now Israel, the "West Bank" and Gaza in recognition of the unique right of the Jews to recreate their ancient national homeland.

The real occupiers are the Arabs. Over the centuries, they were among the waves of conquerors of the land of Israel, including Romans, Greeks, Selucids, Fatimids, Crusaders, Mongol tribes, Tartars, Mamelukes and the Ottoman Turks.

Those who today have invented for themselves a fictional "Palestinian" identity may not even have descended from the original Arab imperialists. Some may be the heirs of those who flooded into Palestine, many illegally, from neighboring Arab states on the back of the returning Jews in the early years of the last century.

The historian William Ziff noted that the serial occupiers of Israel themselves brought in many other cultures. Ziff described the people of the land as a "human patch-work of Jews, Arabs, Armenians, Kalmucks, Persians, Crusaders, Tartars, Indians, Ethiopians, Egyptians, Sudanese, Turks, Mongols, Romans, Kharmazians, Greeks, pilgrims, wanderers, ne'er-do-wells and adventurers, invaders, slaves."

To add to their historical and legal illiteracy, those shrugging aside the murder of Israeli "settlers" also turn a blind eye to the complicity in these crimes by the people they champion: the Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

Through its educational materials and other media, the P.A. routinely incites hatred of Jews and the murder of Israelis, teaching its children that "all Israelis deserve to be killed and that dying while committing a terror attack is 'the path to excellence and greatness ... the great victory.' "

The Arab writer Bassam Tawil has specifically blamed the murder of Ari Fuld by 17-year-old Khalil Jabarin on incitement by Abbas. According to Palestinian terrorist groups, Jabarin decided to murder a Jew in response to Israeli "crimes" against the Al-Aqsa mosque and other Islamic holy sites.

Two days earlier, in a speech to the PLO Executive Committee in Ramallah widely reported in Arab media, Abbas had repeated the lie that Israel was planning to establish special Jewish prayer zones inside the Al-Aqsa mosque.

No mention of any of this in Western media. Nor the fact that the P.A. immediately said it would pay the Jabarin family 1,400 shekels per month (nearly $400) for the next three years as a reward for Ari Fuld's murder. According to the P.A.'s finance ministry, its total "pay-for-slay" budget amounts to 1.2 billion shekels ($335 million) this year and last.

Until now, the West as a bloc has been complicit in Arab violence against Israelis. Over the years, it has thrown money at the "Palestinians" in the pious hope that it would help build their society and thus promote peace. In fact, it has been used to help promulgate hatred and incite mass murder.

Now, U.S. President Donald Trump has called time on this appalling charade. The United States has cut its funding to the "West Bank" and Gaza, closed the PLO office in Washington, and set in train moves to abolish the United Nations Relief and Works Agency's definition of Palestinian refugees.

By defining that status as uniquely inheritable, UNRWA has ludicrously multiplied the number of "Palestinian refugees" down through the decades.

The definition turned these "refugees" into a weapon of war deployed against Israel by the Arab world, which has used them as pawns to incite hatred and violence, and gain the backing of the credulous and Jew-hating West.

Responsibility for them rests therefore not with Israel but with the Arab world itself, which must now be forced to deal with them.

Britain and Europe, however, remain complicit in the murderous attacks on Israelis because they continue to fund UNRWA and the P.A. rather than holding them to account for their behavior.

Now Abbas is to visit Ireland, which is virulently hostile to Israel. The Irish leader, Leon Varadkar, has promised to raise with Abbas the violation of human rights by the P.A. and Hamas. His priority is "the fact that homosexuality has yet to be decriminalized in Gaza."

Varadkar doesn't even seem to know that Abbas has nothing to do with Gaza, which is ruled instead by Hamas. And while gays are certainly persecuted throughout "Palestinian" society, Varadkar seems not to grasp there are no human rights there for anyone, and the Palestine he is so keen to establish would be a police state.

Such Israel-bashers don't care about the welfare of the "Palestinians." They don't care about truth. They most certainly don't care about the Jewish people. They are driven by, at best, indifference to the Jews and, at worst, something much darker.

Ari Fuld and the thousands of other Israeli victims of Arab attacks (including those who weren't even Jewish) were murdered out of a fathomless hatred of Jews and Jewish nationhood, aided and abetted in the West by the ignorant, the ideological and the bigoted.

Abbas has Israeli blood on his hands--but Britain, Ireland and Europe are continuing to help plunge them in it.

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