As Coronavirus Shuts Down Israel: IDF Troops Have A New Precarious Mission

News Image By PNW Staff March 19, 2020
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As Israel takes drastic measures to starve the elusive coronavirus, one group of the Israeli public has suddenly found themselves in a uniquely dangerous position - IDF soldiers.

That's because due to this new pandemic, they now have two missions:

1. Protect Israel's borders
2. Protect themselves from the spread of Coronavirus

That's because to protect God's land, our brave Israeli soldiers realize that they need to stay healthy. And if any of them catch the Coronavirus, they realize that it can put not only themselves but their fellow soldiers and thus - Israel's borders in grave danger.

For example, there was recently a Covid-19 outbreak in Bethlehem. Many of the Arabs from Bethlehem frequently attack IDF soldiers stationed on the Biblical city's outskirts. And while until now, their mission was to fight these terrorists, today it has evolved into also ensuring they don't catch the virus while doing so.

But there's another problem. The IDF isn't prepared for this type of pandemic. That's because although Israel's military is replete with some of the world's most advanced weaponry, it lacks the basic medical equipment required to treat a nationwide pandemic like the Coronavirus.

This is why the IDF is now in desperate need of medical devices like tactical respirators, monitors and even new ambulances exclusively for coronavirus patients.

Thankfully, there is one organization that is stepping up to provide those very essential products to the IDF enabling Israel's bravest to fight the enemy while keeping themselves healthy at the same time.

That organization is called 'Yahad' - United for Israel's Soldiers. And Yahad is currently embarking on an ambitious campaign to provide Israel's army with an adequate supply of all the medical devices that they need. 

"We want to keep the soldiers out of the hospitals," explains Yahad's director General (reserves) Yehiel Gozal.

Therefore, Yahad is embarking on an important mission to ensure that any IDF troop who catches Covid-19 will be treated with the world's most advanced medical equipment.

Some of the vital equipment Yahad needs to purchase include:

Tactical respirators - particulate respirator designed to provide protection against a wide range of harmful contaminants encountered in operational environments. Each one costs NIS 25,000 ($6,600)

Monitors such as the LP15 monitor/defibrillator. This is the standard in emergency care for advanced medical teams.Yahad needs to purchase ten of these at NIS 120,000 each ($31,700).

Ambulances which are needed to keep IDF soldiers isolated to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Each ambulance will cost NIS 450,000 ($118,738),

All of these vital items will allow IDF soldiers to focus on fighting Israel's enemies effectively without external health concerns that could distract them from this holy mission.

As Gozal explains: "You cannot take a chance with the IDF. They are keeping us safe"

The best part is - you can assist Yahad with this noble effort. All you need to do is donate whatever you can and help Israel, more specifically it's army, get through this trying time.

And as the virus is shutting down entire economies while financial markets are tanking, it's important at this time to consider what it says in Psalms:

See, the guardian of Yisrael neither slumbers nor sleeps! (Psalms 121:4)

So yes, God watches over Israel - even during these trying times. And by contributing to Israel's warriors and their fight for the land, you can be a part of this Godly effort.

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