Gamble Feature in Slots Explained

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Have you ever been playing a slot machine, whether it be online or in the casino, and noticed an option on there called the ‘gamble feature’ and not known what it meant? Well, you’re in the right place as we’re here to explain today.

So what is it? Surely by the act of playing the slot, you’re already gambling? So how can there be an additional gamble feature? Well, the gamble feature takes your gambling one step further. One big step in fact, as it effectively allows you to double down on your winnings, or lose them completely - claim UK slot bonuses.

‘Double or nothing’ is a staple feature of a lot of different casino games, and it’s available in slots too. Since the very first fruit machines of Las Vegas, to the latest in high-tech online slots, it’s been made available in a number of games, so if you’re the sort of punter who really likes to take risks, it’s worth looking out for. 

Examples of the Gamble Feature in Slots 

Often, the gamble feature doesn’t present itself as bluntly as ‘would you like to double down on your next spin?’ This wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun, especially as the maximum bet in a lot of online slots is quite high anyway. Instead, developers often find interesting ways to spice up their slots with the gamble feature. 

One of the more traditional appearance of the gamble feature in both casino and online slots is through the use of cards. You’ll be asked to draw a virtual card from the pack after a winning spin, and choose a colour. If you choose the correct colour, your winnings are instantly doubled, whereas of course if you choose the wrong colour, you’re back to zero. If your winnings are high, this is a point of real adrenaline in your game and makes it a lot more fun (or crushingly disappointing depending on the outcome and your attitude to the game). 

Another form of the gamble feature that’s quite often is the coin toss. It’s a similar presence to picking a card, except this time you’ll choose heads or tails and flip the virtual coin. As you can probably expect, the correct choice of face will double your winnings and the wrong one will lose them all. 

Another traditional feature is rolling the dice. You can pick three numbers, or high or low (4-6 or 1-3) and then roll the dice. You can probably guess how the rest of this one plays out. 

As online slots get more adventurous with their theming, we’re seeing more and more versions of this game roll out, through bonus rounds and free spins and all sorts, so keep an eye out. 

Would You Use the Gamble Feature in Slots? 

This is always a tricky one. Are you feeling lucky? Sometimes banking £100 is tempting but then wondering ‘what if I could win £200?’ will push you to play on… it’s your call.

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