Why You Should Deep Clean Your Carpet Floors and How to Hire Carpet Cleaners

News Image By Mark Henry May 18, 2020
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Carpets are one of the most common flooring material to have in your home. A carpeted floor adds warmth and comfort to your home, especially if you are fond of walking around your house with your bare feet or socks. However, carpets are tough to clean and maintain. Carpet fibres may hide deep-seated dirt, which can harbour harmful pathogens. It is, therefore, crucial to deep clean your carpet once in a while by hiring professional Carpet Cleaning services.

Reasons to Hire Carpet Cleaning Services

Although you can regularly vacuum your carpet to remove dirt and other small materials on it, deep cleaning a carpet requires more than just vacuuming. If your home has a large carpeted area, it is best to leave the cleaning of the carpet to professionals for the following reasons:

- Expert Deep Clean

Professional carpet cleaners have a lot of experience and expertise in deep cleaning your carpet flooring. When you deep clean your carpet, you are removing all the possible dirt that is deeply rooted in carpet fibres that may harbour harmful pathogens. A 2001 study has shown that an average home carpet flooring is capable of having 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making carpets dirtier than a toilet bowl seat. 

- Remove Allergens

One of the hazards that deep cleaning your carpet can eliminate is the harmful allergens caused by pollen and dust mites that may be lurking under your carpet fibres.
- Remove Deep Pet Hair and Dirt

If you have pets, some of their hair may have been intertwined already with carpet fibres, which cannot be removed by ordinary vacuuming. Carpet Cleaning Services have the expertise to remove these stubborn pet hairs. Carpet cleaners will also remove tiny stones or dirt that can cause abrasions to your carpet, causing them to wear prematurely. 

- Knowledge of Chemicals to Use

When you hire professional carpet cleaning services, you do not have to experiment on what chemicals to use for removing carpet stains like what is shown in this fail video. Expert cleaners will exactly know what type of chemical to use on the different types of stains and how to treat carpets with more delicate fibres. 

How to Hire Carpet Cleaning Services

Hiring carpet cleaners can also be a challenging task if you do not know what to look for. Here are some tips for hiring the right cleaners for your carpet flooring.

- Perform Due Diligence

It is best to vet the carpet cleaning company first before you hire them. Make sure that they have a physical office that you can go to instead of just having a website. Having an actual office will assure you that you can visit their office if you have any complaints about their service or to follow up if they did not show on the scheduled cleaning. 

- Talk to at Least Three Carpet Cleaning Companies

When you plan to hire carpet cleaners, it is also advisable to shop around. Call at least three local carpet cleaners and inform them about the area that needs to be cleaned, the type of carpet material, and the types of stains or dirt that need cleaning. When you give out complete details about your required cleaning needs, carpet cleaners will be able to give you a more accurate costing.

It is crucial to have your carpet flooring undergo deep Carpet Cleaning services once in a while to ensure that your home is free from harmful pathogens, and your carpet will last for a long time. It is also essential to know how to hire the right carpet cleaners for you.

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