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Playing slots online has an undeniable appeal for players, the ease of access and variety of options to choose from continue to make online slots very popular. For some players the amount of choice available is too much, so we have decided to create this small list that has all the online slots you should play on it. This is less focused on things like high payout and more on the overall best online slot experience for players at Wizard Slots.


This slot is from WMS and is incredibly popular amongst players. It has five reels, thirty paylines and it offers an RTP of 95.97%. It utilises a great theme, the mythical Greek God, with decent graphics and animation for players to enjoy. The background of the slot is a beautiful mixture of blue skies and cloud with a  golden coliseum perched at the very top. While some players may find that the graphics seem a little outdated compared to modern releases, don’t let that put you off as there is still a lot to enjoy about this slot. It has a great free spins feature which is triggered if the player gets three scatters, gifting players ten free spins! 

Jack and the Beanstalk 

If you would rather play an online slot with stunning visuals and graphics then look no further than Jack and the Beanstalk. This is based on the classic tale and was developed by NetEnt. All the tropes the tale are found in this slot, Jack climbing the beanstalk and villainous giant are all featured here. It almost goes without saying but NetEnt’s slot is beautiful in both style and execution. The gameplay also provides a fun challenge for players, as you ascend the beanstalk be sure to spin three or more scatter symbols and the game will give you ten free spins! The slot has five reels, three rows and twenty paylines. With an RTP of 96.28% and a great theme, this game promises to be highly rewarding for all players 


With a cartoonish theme and slightly complicated gameplay, it is easy to be put off this slot. Beneath the surface however, lies a lot with incredibly fun gameplay, catchy soundtrack and a great payout for players! Coming from Play'n GO, this slot has seven reels, seven rows and cluster pays. The RTP is 96.51% and the volatility is high. The cascading symbols can be a little chaotic for players but if you can trigger the Gargantoon feature players will be able to double their wins, there is a great chance to win big in this slot. The cartoon alien theme is definitely unusual however its great soundtrack and beautiful graphics certainly win us over.  


These games are a great example of the online slot experience. The ability to be able to play them anytime and anywhere is such an attractive feature of online slots. The only thing you need to watch out for is a poor internet connection ruining your game!

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