5 Skills That You Develop in College That Interest Employers

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Graduating in your major in college is not the only thing that you gain from college. Although you are ready to face your dream job, the skills that you develop while in college will come in handy when you are in the workplace. Among the many skills that you will gain, soft skills are the most common as they are transferrable qualities that will help you be successful no matter the task you have at hand. So, the skills that you gain are being able to adapt to the changes in the environment to the ability to work as part of a team. Hence, when you can show off these skills on the various job interviews you attend, it will show that you gained more in college than just your certificate. In this article, you will learn about the skills that you developed in college that interest employers.

1. Time management 

As most employers opt for people that can juggle between multiple tasks. This skill that you will learn in college will be a great advantage for you. It is one that comes out naturally, especially if you were involved in various extra-curricular activities, had a part-time job, and still, you were able to handle your studies.know of various ways on how to manage your time in college, as it will help manage your workload. Besides, through this skill, it is a testament that you can meet one deadline after another.

2. Communication skills

Is your written and verbal communication impressive to your future employer? Communication skills may not even be a minor course, but you learn it in the many essays and emails that you had to do in college. Even though your course does not have any writing communication needed, it is better to improve your writing skills as they help in professional world. You can improve your writing skills by sharing a short story to any anonymous blog or on social media platform to see how it impacts the people. So, ensure you pinpoint that to your employer. Not only will you communicate better in writing, but verbally as you will interact with fellow students face to face. If you can easily socialize with different students of various cultures, backgrounds, and races, this will be invaluable when you join the workplace. Also, at some point, you had to deliver presentations, and they help polish your verbal skills. In return, it will help at the workplace as many employers are desperate for people with this skill. 

3. Taking constructive criticism
How you received constructive criticism in college may be a plus or not in your workplace. Since no one’s work is perfect in college, you receive a lot of constructive criticism from your peers and tutors in the period you are in college. When you have this skill of taking constructive criticism positively, you have a skill that many employers are interested in and need in their work environment to make workflow easy. Although it is not a skill you can easily prove at an interview, it is one that eventually you can explain when necessary and how best it helped you improve the task that was at hand at that particular time. 

4. Money management 

One important thing that college will teach you is how to budget and manage your money. Either you learn the hard way after you have failed several times or the easy way. However, you had to pay rent, budget for food, and nights out, pay your utility bills to thank for your money management skills. Others even handled more money if they had other roles like in the society committee. Besides, good money management skills are a sign that shows you are trustworthy and responsible. So, although you do not get a job that you have to handle money directly. It shows that you have positive character traits that interest employers.

5. Problem-solving 

Everyone in college faces various problems. When you can solve the problems that come your way in college no matter how impossible they seem, you gained a skill on how to solve problems. This skill helps you to think outside of the box by looking at the problem from various angles. Problem-solving skills will interest your employer, as at times, some projects do not run as smoothly, and they need someone who will take the initiative. 

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