A brief introduction to Pay As You Go SIMs

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A Pay As You Go SIM, also known as a PAYG SIM, is a flexible deal that allows you to switch between congruent handsets. You purchase a bundle from the provider consisting of a set cap on minutes, data, and texts and use it within the agreed-upon time. After your bundle has been exhausted or after it has expired, you top it up again.

Many people who opt for PAYG sim deals are either happy with their handsets and don’t want to change, or if they don’t desire to invest in a SIM-only contract lasting several months. Many PAYG sim deals do not come with long contracts, and you will find many that do not require you to commit to more than a month at a time.

The difference between traditional pay as you go and PAYG SIM

Traditionally, you purchased a phone downright. If you needed credit, you simply top up the credit using a top-up card. Your service provider would charge you a particular amount for the data used, texts sent, and calls made depending on theirfixed tariff. Another key difference is that the rates of these services were much higher than what you would pay for a monthly contract.

With modern PAYG SIMs, you purchase a bundle with a set amount of data, calls, and texts every month. These bundles will most likely cost you much less than the traditional pay as you go option. Both options are great because they allow you to limit how much you spend compared to using the SIM then getting a bill at the end of the month.

Why you should consider a PAYG SIM deal

Here are eight reasons why you should consider getting a PAYG SIM deal.

1.    It is much cheaper than the traditional pay as you go. - As has already been established, you would pay much less for a bundle than paying for each individual Mb, text, or minute using the set tariff charges.

2.    The SIM cards are free – Getting a SIM card is as easy as picking it from a shop or requesting one online from the network provider you settle on.

3.    You get to keep your number – Even if you are switching your service provider, you should be able to keep our old phone number as long your device is not locked to your existing network. Your old network will simply send a PAC code, which you send to your new network.

4.    Many PAYG SIMS will not punish you if you don’t have enough credit to pay for a new bundle. You simply won’t get a bundle that month. This makes it great if you are on a budget or are strapped for cash.

5.    Flexibility – If you pick a monthly contract, you can change your bundle or network providers at the end of the month. This gives you a feeling of control as you can easily change the bundle or network provider if you are not satisfied with the services provided.

6.    Many PAYG SIM deals won’t subject you to a credit check – Even if you have a poor credit rating, you should be able to keep using your phone.

7.    The bundles – People have different data needs, and PAYG SIMs offer a wide range of bundles to pick from depending on your needs and usage. You may find modest data allowances of 250MB to huge allowances of up to 60 GB. In some cases, you may even get unlimited data.

8.   Roaming –Many network providers allow you to use their bundles in EU countries just as you would at home. Some providers will also allow you to use their SIMS in extra destinations.

If you are looking to change from classic PAYG to PAYG SIMS, there are many reasons why it would be wise. Do your research to select the deal that will serve you the best, so you get the best value for your money.

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