Slot Game Developer Tournaments That You Should Play

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If you ever thought that online gambling is a solitary experience, then think again. It really doesn’t have to be and this feeling of gambling alone can be remedied by choosing the casinos you join carefully.

Some casinos have chatrooms that can be accessed whilst you play slots. Most are reserved for bingo players, but these rooms are a great way of connecting with other gamers. Obviously poker and bingo offer the biggest social element, but if free slots for fun are more your cup of tea and you want to feel part of a community, then you may want to consider joining casinos that hold regular slots tournaments and this can make feel part of something special. 

Casino Choice 

When choosing a casino to play at, licensing is important and it is essential to play at a venue that is fully licensed and regulated. This should be the starting point for every punter. The next port of call should be secure banking options.

Then, with these important aspects out of the way, you should take a look at the promotions pages. Every casino has one and here you can check for regular slots tournaments. Apart from making you feel part of something other than a member of an online casino, some tournaments offer excitement, entertainment and some boast genuinely decent prizes. 

Casino Tournaments Explained 

Slots tournaments add some spice and atmosphere to online gambling and they can be used to promote a game developer, a game developer’s new slots, or certain slot games in general. The beauty of slots tournaments unlike some table game tournaments is that there is no skill involved.

Slots are easy to play and every spin is random and free of strategy. So if you are a beginner or a veteran slots player, you all enter a slots tournament on a level playing field. Even when you play at a slots tournament no entrant has an advantage because everyone is at the mercy of the RNG or Random Number Generator.

This is a microchip within all casinos and casino games and it constantly generates millions of number sequences that are translated into slots spins across an entire casino platform. Furthermore, all tournament participants are also at the mercy of the RTP or Return To Player percentage, of the chosen slot or slots, that make up the tournaments. 

More Useful Information 

NetEnt slots feature prominently at many casino tournaments and other developers include Microgaming. Both have an excellent selection of slots that can be included in these contests. Some tournaments are themed such as Christmas slot tournaments or Halloween tournaments.

NetEnt holds high-roller tournaments that are usually reserved for VIP customers, whilst Microgaming hold Sit and Go tournaments. These start instantly as soon as the minimum number of participants is met. There are also free roll tournaments and ones with a buy-in fee that contributes to the cash prizes.

Most tournaments involve a set number of spins at a set stake and points are awarded for winning spins, all you have to do is hit the prize winning positions on the leaderboard.

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