Ominous September Warning As Nations Mood Turns Grim

News Image By Michael Snyder/End of the American Dream August 10, 2020
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2020 has definitely been a chaotic year so far.  The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted life all over the planet, we have witnessed a horrific economic downturn, and civil unrest has been raging in major U.S. cities for months.  But the good news is that we appear to have hit a pocket of relative calm here in August.  

Yes, global events are still going crazy, and the bizarre explosion that we just witnessed in Beirut is just one example.  But compared to what we experienced during the first half of 2020 and compared to what we will experience during the last portion of this year, I believe that August should be relatively peaceful.  I would encourage everyone to enjoy this month as much as possible and to use it to prepare for what is ahead, because September is just around the corner.

Of course many Americans can't imagine things getting much worse than they are right now.  Gallup regularly asks Americans whether they are "satisfied" with the direction of the country or not, and what they have discovered is that the mood of the country has shifted dramatically since February, and this has especially been true among Republicans...

A poll by Gallup released Wednesday shows that the percentage of Republicans who say they are "satisfied" with the direction the country is heading has fallen by 60 points since February, when the pandemic began spreading rapidly across the U.S.

"The plunge in the U.S. mood, both in the past month and since February, is mostly occurring among Republicans. Republicans' satisfaction today (20%) is about half what it was a month ago (39%) and down 60 points since February, after the Senate acquitted President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial. The current figure is easily the lowest for Republicans during the Trump administration, with their prior low being 38% in October 2017," Gallup said on its website.

I was quite stunned when I first saw the graphic that Gallup posted on Twitter which shows how much the numbers have changed over the course of 2020.

I have never seen anything like this, and a presidential election is less than 3 months away.

Because of COVID-19, this election season has been relatively subdued so far, but I definitely expect that things will start to get crazy starting in September.

Many on the left have been anticipating a blowout victory by Joe Biden, but the polls have started to tighten, and Biden's physical condition has been rapidly deteriorating.

To be honest, we don't even know if it will be Joe Biden taking on Trump in November, and we certainly do not know who is going to win.

In fact, a group that included both prominent Republicans and prominent Democrats recently held "war games" to try to simulate the outcome of the election, and what those "war games" showed was quite disconcerting...

After gaming out various scenarios, the group said its conclusions were "alarming:" In an election taking place amid a pandemic, a recession and rising political polarization, the group found a substantial risk of legal battles, a contested outcome, violent street clashes and even a constitutional impasse.

"We assess with a high degree of likelihood that November's elections will be marked by a chaotic legal and political landscape," the Transition Integrity Project, which organized the "war games," said in a report this week.

That doesn't sound good at all.

But I actually agree with that assessment.  I believe that this will be the most chaotic election period in modern U.S. history, and I believe that much more civil unrest is ahead.

In particular, I believe that a Donald Trump victory in November or a contested result that is decided by a long legal battle could set off a national temper tantrum that would be absolutely unprecedented.

Sadly, we won't have to wait until November for chaos in the streets.  Riots are happening on a nightly basis in Portland and other cities right now, and I expect political turmoil to really start escalating next month.

Meanwhile, experts are warning of a "second wave" of the COVID-19 pandemic in the fall...

Even though the first wave of COVID-19 cases is still happening, health experts warn that once the weather gets cooler in the fall, a second wave of cases is likely to arrive.

And if the wave coincides with the start of flu season, it would put an enormous strain on doctors and their practices. That's why practices should start preparing now.

If you look at the numbers from around the world, you will notice that COVID-19 has been exploding lately in countries like Brazil, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

All of those nations are currently in the middle of winter because they are in the southern hemisphere, and this could be an indication that we will see seasonal waves of COVID-19 just like we see seasonal waves of the flu.

During the summer, we spend a lot more time in the sun and so our bodies produce higher levels of Vitamin D.  But in the winter we all tend to stay inside most of the day, and so our bodies produce a lot less Vitamin D.  As a result, we tend to get sick a lot more.

So keep an eye on the COVID-19 numbers as the weather starts to get colder.  If they really start to spike as we get close to winter, that could be an important warning sign.

Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues to deteriorate at a rapid pace.  More than 55 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits over the past 20 weeks.  If Congress does not approve a new round of emergency benefits quickly, that will be another factor which will help to fuel discontent all over the nation.

The period of time that we have entered has been described as "a perfect storm", and as I have detailed previously, quite a few prominent voices have been specifically pointing to the month of September as a major turning point.

Of course the craziness will also continue throughout the rest of 2020 and into 2021 as well.  And beyond that, we will see things happen that most Americans would not even want to imagine right now.

Keep a close eye on Joe Biden.  The extent to which he has physically and mentally deteriorated is a huge red flag, and some experts are even suggesting that he might not even make it to election day.

But even if he does make it to November and he wins, there is a very good possibility that whoever he selects as his running mate will have to take over during his first term.

In any event, I believe that this will be the strangest election season that any of us have ever seen, and I fully expect the craziness to begin next month.

Originally published at End Of The American Dream - reposted with permission.

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