Three Reasons Alcohol and Gambling Go Hand-in-Hand

News Image By Michael Brown/ August 15, 2020
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Gambling and alcohol have gone hand-in-hand ever since the first establishments invited punters to ply their trade and offered complimentary drinks in return. Casino operators have for ages appreciated the effects of alcohol consumption on the players’ bankroll management abilities. After all, alcohol consumption would be banned on the casino floor if it helped punters beat the house!

However, alcohol consumption can positively impact the results if you know where to draw the line. So, the next time you accept those complimentary watered-down drinks or stale beer by the table, remember its impact on your bankroll by the time you’re done playing. The rules also apply to virtual sessions at online casinos in South Africa. On that note, here are three reasons you should drink responsibly at the casino.

Alcohol Loses-up Risk-Averse Players

Gambling is a risky affair and despite its notorious reputation, many players shy away from the riskier aspects of the trade. Once you frequent a few casinos you’ll easily identify the bunch – the ones who refuse to double down on an 11 in blackjack or play four coins instead of five on video poker.

As you must have realized, these folks prefer playing it close to the chest and in a conservative fashion. While it goes without saying that not risking the additional wager at that stage is nothing short of bankroll suicide, certain punters fail to commit even when the stage is set. One of the oldest tricks to loosen up in human history involves alcoholic beverages. And there’s nothing wrong with consuming a few drinks as long as you’re disciplined.

Playing Stress-free Can Boost Your Ability to Recall

Once you achieve that delicate state of mind that we call tipsy where you’re neither drunk nor sober, the experience can be absolutely magical. Apart from increasing your risk-taking capabilities, the correct amount of alcohol in your bloodstream can accelerate your brain’s ability to recall memories.

And as most experienced gamblers know, memorizing and recalling strategies is the key factor between winning and losing. If you’re generally nervous at the casino table, a quick shot of coffee or any other caffeinated beverage is the way to go. You’ll soon get rid of the jitters and settle down with a clear head, which is the norm for deploying your entire strategic excellence.

Being Tipsy Helps Make Bolder Decisions

Perhaps the most beneficial side-effect of drunk wagering is knowing when to walk away. Casinos are businesses at the end of the day and the games are designed to benefit the house the longer you play. Hence, knowing when to call it a day is crucial for bankroll preservation. Unfortunately, most gamblers continue investing long after they’ve suffered significant losses.

If you’re struggling with continuous rough hands or the dice doesn’t seem to be on your side quitting the game is your best bet. Throw alcohol into the mix and you suddenly find the will to call it quits and try your luck elsewhere. At the end of the day, if walking out of the casino helps preserve your bankroll, that’s all that matters, even if it needs a dash of alcohol, hic!

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