3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Being Spied on By The Government

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In case you didn't realize it, the government is monitoring you in all sorts of ways. Since the government is required to monitor suspicious activity for the protection of its people, there are all sorts of ways that it can access our day-to-day lives. 

However, despite the government's access to our privacy being for our protection, many people don't feel that it's moral.   Recent documents have proven that the government doesn't just hack cell phones, but they can even watch you through your smart TVs and track you each time you use an ATM.   

While you may not be being targeted personally, it's certainly concerning knowing that you could be targeted if someone wanted to. Chances are you're probably concerned for your privacy, and you very well should be. 

The good news is that there are ways to protect yourself from government surveillance.  Take a look at some of the best ways to keep yourself safe from government spies. 


Use Encrypted Messaging 


One of the best ways to avoid being spied on is to use encrypted messaging. Rather than using your regular SMS application, or email, use a third-party app like WhatsApp, which encrypts all of its communication. It's important to know which apps are, in fact, encrypted as opposed to claiming to be. 

Some boast protecting its users when in reality, it still stores metadata that can reveal who the users are behind conversations. However, some people believe that these encrypted messaging apps should not exist. 

If someone is up to no good, many people believe that the government should be able to step in to stop them from potentially hurting others. There are a wide variety of stances that people take on message encryption. 


Cover Your Web Cameras 


If you notice, your laptop has a camera above the monitor. Although, in theory, this camera should only be activated when you turn it on, theoretically, you could be being spied on it at any given moment. A hacker can access the live stream remotely and record your actions. 


Next time do something questionable in front of your webcam, ask yourself whether you might be being watched. You're better off putting a sticker over the camera, so you don't have to wonder who may be observing you pick your nose. 




One of the most straightforward ways to make sure that you guard yourself against the latest security breaches is by updating all of your devices. Statistics show that phones which haven't been updated are much more vulnerable to attack.


So, next time you're tempted to ignore the popup notification that it's time to update your device, think again and take a few minutes to update it instead of putting it off. 

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