Top Two Digital Marketing Trends to Not Ignore in 2021

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Are you a business owner looking for effective digital marketing strategies to survive and thrive this year and beyond while standing out from your competitors? While you can always hire the services and professional expertise of the best marketing agency Melbourne, you should know about two digital marketing trends that are essential in today’s digital era and without which your business can face dire future losses.

Gone are the days when businesses could rely on educated guesses and predict consumer behavior. Due to the pandemic, consumer behavior has changed enormously, and businesses must comprehend the potential buying behaviors of Gen Z and Millennials if they want to reach their target audience, boost brand visibility, and stand out in their respective niche.

Here are two digital marketing trends that have become crucial more than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the core of many businesses. Things that were once considered vague ideas have turned into practical implementation, and the integration of AI in digital marketing trends and business strategies is an essential part of it.

Take the example of Microsoft’s use of the K5 robots (Knightscope robots), for instance, which have effectively replaced human employees while patrolling cars, reading license plates, and even reporting crimes. It is estimated that with the integration of AI in business models and marketing strategies, businesses will cut costs and avail of greater commercial opportunities.

AI allows businesses to obtain a competitive advantage over other businesses from their respective niche. Simultaneously, AI also allows businesses to integrate with other new businesses and expand their clientele. The suppliers of products will induce A-integrated products, which will catch buyer’s interest and result in bigger sales.

Since AI-driven departments, such as chatbots in the customer service department, sound more intelligent than humans, it is predicted that customers will prefer AI-integrated offerings and services soon.

Since artificial intelligence can assess, analyze, and present the behavior, product-priorities, and search patterns of potential clients, AI will help businesses understand their customers better while providing them (customers) the responses, products, and services they are looking for, with more accuracy.

Influencer Marketing

With the arrival of the pandemic, we have seen a major shift in people’s interests. The lockdowns and social distancing brought out many changes, such as remote working and more businesses establishing an online presence.

That said, people are relying on their screens and the internet more than before as it helps them stay connected with their friends and family and ensure that they don’t miss out on anything happening in any corner of the globe.

Social media users have increased more than ever before, which is why digital marketers and SEO analysts are integrating the trend of influencer marketing to help businesses reach their target audience and boost sales and revenue.

According to research, people are more likely to rely on the opinions and reviews of their favorite television and social media influencers than on the claims of the brand/ business itself. Now businesses are using influencers to promote their products and services, which is making them (business) a more reliable and trustworthy source in the eyes of the viewers. 

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