3 Best Kratom strains for Relaxation

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STRESS! the biggest problem in this world today. The pandemic, the changing environment, working conditions are adding to the already stressed minds! Everyone wants to feel relaxed, happy, energetic, and motivated. But nobody knows how to? Relaxation is not about having a hobby or sleeping, it is a process by which you decrease the negative effects of stress on the mind. Many recreational activities are suggested to relax like exercising, getting relief from pain, stop overthinking, listening to music, traveling, etc. But due to the tight routines and an unsaid race to be ahead always, we often don't pay attention to our mental health. It is important to relax because stress is a single reason for so many health issues. People, when feeling anxious or tired because of stress, try to get a cup of coffee or play their favorite songs. If this doesn't work, they turn to medications to calm their mind.

Herbal supplements are known to be naturally relaxing in nature. Kratom is a herbal product from an evergreen tree Mitagyna speciosa. Kratom is known to show calming, relaxing, anti-depressant, and anxiolytic effects. It is a highly potential alternative to opioids. Kratom comes in 3 different colors and many different strains. It is marketed as Green vein, White vein, and Red vein Kratom. The color represents the color of veins and stems. Red vein Kratom strains are harvested when the plant is fully matured. 

Best Kratom for Relaxation

The different varieties of kratom are well known for their distinct benefits like enhancing mood, better sleep, relief from pain, boosting stamina, and many more. Red vein Kratom strains are known best for relaxing, euphoric, and sedating effects. This is because of the concentration of two active alkaloids in Kratom responsible for its effects. 

Two main alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-OH mitragynine, both are dos-dependent. 7-OH mitragynine is more sedating and relaxing in effect. The amount of Mitragynine reduces and 7OH mitragynine increases as the plant matures. Thus, red vein strains have the highest 7-OH Mityagynine alkaloid content and are the best kratom for relaxing.

Some of the most famous strains are: 

Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo Kratom is commonly known as a 'pleasurable agent'. It is grown in Borneo, an island located in Malaysia. It is harvested and processed in the tropical lowlands of Borneo island. For Kratom enthusiasts, the red borneo kratom is an exceptional option. Its euphoric effect prevents lack of focus or drowsiness. Users prefer this strain mainly because of its sophisticated and relaxing effects. Red Borneo is the best for both pain relief and relaxation. It can relieve your anxiety, stress, and tiredness. A higher dose can treat insomnia caused by stress. It contains high dopamine mediators that uplift the user's mood. It is very popular for its recreational effects. The right dose of it gives a sense of pleasure and well-being.

Red Maeng Da Kratom

The word 'Maeng Da' implies the high potential of this herb. It is considered to be of premium quality because it is a more versatile, favorable, and beneficial variant grafted for increased potency. 
Maeng Da Kratom is by far the most potential in relieving pain among all Kratom strains. It elevates your concentration when consumed. It triggers the feel-good hormones of your body and allows you to feel cheerful and relaxed. 

Red Vein Bali Kratom

Red Vein Bali is one of the most popular strains of Kratom that enhances mood. This strain belongs to the larger Kratom species and grows on volcanic soil and in the humid climate. It is mostly found in Bali or Indonesia. Its strong aroma makes it famous for its therapeutic effects. It is rich in 25 alkaloids that make it useful for relaxing your senses and boosting your mood. People suffering from insomnia can consume larger doses of Red Bali Kratom. 

Kratom Dose for Relaxation

Effects of Kratom are strictly dose-dependent. Beginners are advised to start from as low as 1 to 2 grams of dose and they can then gradually increase the dose till they find their sweet spot of relaxation. Some dosage recommendations are;
Low doses: 1 to 2 grams, for beginners.
Moderate dose: 3 to 5 grams, for mild stimulant and relaxing effects.
High dose: 5 to 10 grams, for opioid-like effects.

Thus, Kratom helps in relaxation by following effects:

increase your energy and mood
introduce the excitement of working
strengthen your focus
boost the stamina

You can consume Kratom in the form of tea prepared by infusing crushed leaves or you can buy the powder or capsules or extract from the market. Liquid tinctures are also now available in the market. Kratom products are now widely available in offline and online stores but try to buy your Kratom only from trusted and certified vendors. Kratom available at lower prices might be quality compromised and will show hampered effects. 
We are not suggesting here to solely depend on Kratom for relaxation. Some lifestyle changes are also important to make like having proper sleep hygiene, eating healthy, staying hydrated, socializing, and taking care of yourself in every way possible.

Legality of Kratom

Though it is available in most places, still in someplace the use of Mitragyna Speciosa is banned due to its nature of addictiveness. Excessive dosage can lead to the negative impacts mentioned above. People also make use of this plant supplement as a drug to get high. This may pose a high potential for abuse and so it is not legal across the world.

In case you are planning to try Kratom for the first time, you must be aware of the above-mentioned things to get the most out of your experience. Also, make sure that any added information you are trying to gain must be from trusted sources. Buy your products from reliable vendors whether it is in person or online. It is also noted that FDA does not approve the consumption of Kratom and there is no verified information on dosage recommendations. If you are new to Kratom always start with a lower dose. And if you are on some other medications consult your doctor before using Kratom.

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