Best ways to convert DGB to BTC

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DigiByte was designed to serve as a payment instrument and now it's a promising crypto. If you want to jump into trading, consider starting with exchanging DGB to BTC on first. Also, make sure you know everything you need about the project, its perspectives, and the most convenient methods of converting the coin to other ones. And we’re here to make it clear for you.

Its usage is based on a multi-level blockchain system comprising the following:

  • The application level. It’s a user interface that serves as a bridge for users and their devices to the lower levels.

  • The digital asset and open ledger level. It is a shared ledger system of the blockchain that handles all the transactions. 

  • The key universal communication level. It includes mining nodes that maintain the upper levels.

The levels described are made to allow the crowd to use the coin as a preferred payment method while maintaining the security characteristics of the blockchain. It exploits five different mining algorithms that ensure the security of the DigiByte network and, in the meantime, encourages more mining on the devices. 

Finally, the developers did not give us a whitepaper or technical stuff but their intentions are promising. Take a look:

  • Business collaborations

  • Lightning network tests

  • Advance a preceding DigiByte gaming venture

  • Organizing conferences and events

  • Rolling out a DigiByte-backed web browser 

  • Significant wallet support

  • Building smart contract infrastructure, enabling AI products, and examining quantum computer proofing

DigiByte's total supply is capped at 21 billion to be mined by 2035. The system also has a 15-second blocktime, ensuring way faster transactions than many other cryptos. 

Now, what is the most convenient way to ‘turn’ this coin into another one?

Of course, it’s an exchange platform with favorable conditions to use. comes as a trusted exchange with a built-in calculator to assess your opportunities before you make any step toward swapping. Here’s how it works.

You decide on the coins involved in the exchange and specify the quantity of coins that you’re about to sell or buy. In the left column, indicate the coin you’d like to sell, and in the right - the one you want to purchase. So, the platform will be immediately inspecting the market.

The service identifies the most beneficial coin-to-coin price after researching on the most reputable crypto exchanges over the Internet. You’re probably aware that rates differ a bit on diverse platforms. Herewith, will provide you with the most advantageous conditions to help succeed in this business. 

Another important thing for you to know about is it enables real-time data updates. Simply said, if you don’t like the current DGC-BTC price, you can just check for its shifts without refreshing the platform’s page. If the rate you found is ok for you, you can start the exchange process. Additionally, does not suggest extra commissions and fees. Thus, you will end up with the exact amount of coins that you intended to exchange from the beginning.

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