Peach State Pits GOP Against The Leftist Revolution

News Image By Tony Perkins/Family Research Council November 18, 2020
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If there's a resolution to the presidential race by January, don't expect the country's anxiety level to drop. Two of the most important races in Senate history could be teed up for a runoff five days after New Year's. 

What's on the ballot in Georgia? Only the future of the Supreme Court, the Electoral College, and the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution. 

As far as Democrats like Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) are concerned, "First we take Georgia, then we change the world."

It was a dramatic statement, but a true one if it comes to pass. "If Democrats pick up both [Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue's] seats," National Review's Victor Davis Hanson warns, "first anticipate the end of the Senate filibuster. With its disappearance after 180 years will go the last check on hard-Left power. 

Then expect a 15-person Supreme Court. With the end of that 151-year tradition will come the birth of a new 'living' and fluid Constitution." 

There will undoubtedly be two more states -- with four more Democratic senators.

And that's just the beginning. What happens in Georgia, he predicts, will determine whether we have gun rights, free speech, an open border, and an avalanche of radical policies. 

It's no wonder that Peach State officials are being hypervigilant about any schemes the Left may have planned. New York Times columnist Tom Friedman started a firestorm in conservative circles when he told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo that he hoped "everybody moves to Georgia in the next month or two and registers to vote and votes for these two Democratic senators."

Suddenly, members of the party faithful were calling the moving vans on Twitter. "Great news," Andrew Yang posted. "Evelyn and I are moving to Georgia to help the Democrats win! This is our only chance to clear Mitch out of the way and help Joe and Kamala get things done in the next four years. More details to come but let's go!" 

Gabriel Sterling, the state's voting system manager was not amused. That's illegal, he insisted. "In order to be able to register to vote in Georgia, you have to be a Georgia resident. That means you have to believe you are staying in Georgia."

"Let me be clear about this: If you want to move to Georgia and be a part of the number one state in America to do business, we are happy to have you. It's great to have you come in," Sterling said. "But if you are here for the sole sake of politics, if you voted for Senate in one state and moved here to another state... don't game our system."

If you do, the state's attorney general's office cautions, expect to pay a steep price: 10 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was just as adamant. "Let me be clear. Those who come to Georgia with the intention of voter fraud will be prosecuted... If you illegally participate in our elections, you might be spending a lot more time in Georgia than you planned." 

In other words: expect the Board of Registrations to be especially careful when they pour over new applications ahead of the December 5th deadline.

Still, the dark money will flood in, along with celebrity appearances and discredited pollsters, who will think -- wrongly -- that enough time has passed for the country to take them seriously again. The Left will have the media on its side, and Antifa in the streets. 

But if the presidential election manages to clear away some of these corrupt cobwebs, and let the people vote, one thing they may not have, Victor warns, is the people.

Originally published at Family Research Council - reposted with permission.

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