How to Safely Use a Snow Blower This Winter

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Owning a snowblower for personal use has risen in popularity, and its no surprise, as its one of the most helpful tools for snow removal. With extreme weather becoming more prevalent and higher snowfall being seen in many places, having equipment like this available helps remove snow quickly and efficiently to get you moving again.

Any tool used at home comes with a few safety precautions, so its vital to understand these before you get started.

Take a look at some of the key areas to think about before using your snowblower this winter.

Avoid loose clothing

When operating any type of equipment, its always best to avoid wearing loose clothing. As the machine moves along, loose garments could be pulled into the mechanism and potentially cause injury. Also, while it may be cold outside, its helpful to avoid wearing a dangling scarf; if you need one, be sure to tuck it in.

Think about footwear, too. Laces should be tied securely and not hanging loose. Also, ensure you have a good grip or slip-resistant shoes to avoid trips and falls while using the snowblower.

Clear the area before predicted snowfall

The weather forecast often gives notice of heavy snowfall. On hearing this warning, head out into the garden and driveway and remove anything that might cause an obstruction. Once the snow has fallen, it isnt easy to see anything underneath. Anything that gets churned up could also break your blower!

Protect your ears

If possible, try to cover your ears while using a blower. Machinery and tools are typically loud, and gas-powered models can occasionally exceed 85 decibels. Therefore, proper ear protection is recommended when using loud tools. Still, earplugs and earmuffs may reduce the noise to a bearable level.

Keep the snowblower away from pets and children

While kids might find it fun to come and watch snow being hurtled into the air, its not a great idea to have them too close to the action. While the blower is in operation, dirt and debris are also thrown from the mechanisms, and this can cause injury. Pets should also be kept inside while it is in operation to avoid accidents.

Opt for a cordless design

Some electric models are powered using cords, and while its great, as you dont need to refuel, you need to watch the cable doesnt get caught in the machine. Always keep the cord behind you when snow blowing and plug into a GFCI protected outlet to ensure safe use.

Safely remove clogs

It might seem like common sense to switch the engine off to unclog a snowblower, but surprisingly, accidents do happen. Never unclog the chute or auger when it is running, and ensure it is powered down when you need to do so. Some models come with clearing tools to clear any blockages safely. Once its removed, continue as usual.

Snowblowers are an excellent tool for anyone that deals with heavy snowfall. Just remember to stay safe when you use it to clear your driveways and sidewalks. 

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