Advantages and Disadvantages of bundling of Internet, TV & Phone

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When we make a decision to get internet and cable TV service there are many factors that we need to consider. Internet is one of the most important utilities and most of our work requires a high-speed internet connection, for example, our jobs, education, shopping, bill payment, entertainment and for staying in touch with our friends and family.

We need consistent high-speed internet, and cable TV for entertainment purposes especially when we have to stay indoors for so long. Always make sure that you choose a provider that offers strong customer support such, as Spectrum customer service offered by Spectrum because whenever you will face issues with your service you will be required to contact the customer support department.

Whenever you get extra time in your hands the best way to entertain yourself is by watching all your favorite shows on TV for that you need, elaborated channel lineup. However, cable TV connection can be very costly, due to which the consumers avoid it.  Therefore, the telecommunication companies offer bundle packages that allow the user to save an ample amount of money by choosing, the same provider for cable TV and internet.

Once you have the option of bundling up your internet, TV, and home phone. What will be the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this option? We are going to answer these questions in this article.

Advantages of bundling up your service

there can be many advantages when you bundle up your services with the same service provider for internet cable TV and home phone service. We are mentioning the main advantages below,

Affordable prices

After research, we can tell you that most of the internet service providers, will charge you around $50 to $60 for the Internet service. Cable TV will cost you around $ 70 a month.  If you opt for these services separately, you will be paid around $130 a month. This amount can be huge if you are on a budget. However, on the other hand, if you go for bundling up your services with a single provider, you can get all three services for only $100 a month.

Cutting of the cord and maintaining the budget is the main goal of bundling your services with the same provider. It makes a huge difference if you choose the same provider for all three services. Moreover, you also get discounts when you sign up as a new user.

You can get more services

If you cannot afford to pay for all three services separately,  you can bundle up your services.  Most people think that landline home phones have become obsolete,  but it is always better to have one.  Modern home phones have very exciting features.  Most of the providers offer unlimited nationwide and international calling,  which allows you to make as many calls as you like without paying a huge amount of bills.

You cannot deny the advantage of getting cable TV internet and home phone service all at the same time because you will be using it.  If you have one provider you pay one Bell angry saves enough amount by the end of each month.

More convenience

You cannot deny the fact that when you bundle up your service, you get more convenience in every regard. If you have different providers for three services, you will have to pay three separate bills. When you will face any issues, you’ll need to contact different customer service departments. When you have the same provider, you will no longer face the hassle of paying different bills.

Additional Benefits

When you get each service separately,  and you want to add extra features to your plans, you have to pay extra. You can get the benefit of free additional benefits when you bundle up your services, some providers offer free security, while others give discounts on monthly equipment rental charges. All these benefits are provided to those who choose to bundle up the services.

The disadvantage of bundling up

There are not many disadvantages of bundling up your services other than one or two.

You end up paying more

When you get a single service, it’s obvious that your bill will be less. Moreover, when you sign up for a bundle package, usually that promotional package lasts for a specific time period. Once your package limit expires, you get charged more.

You might end up in a contract

Some provider requires the users to sign up for a contract that lasts for one to two years. If you are not satisfied with the service, or simply have to end the contract, you have to pay ETF. This can be quite a hurdle for some people.

Wrapping Up

If you compare the benefits and disadvantages, you can clearly see that it is better to bundle up your services. You get more advantages as a user when you go for the bundling option.

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