10 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

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Recent world events have led many of us to struggle to relax and sleep deeply. If you are fighting to fall asleep and struggling to wake up, you put your body and brain at risk of serious health challenges. To protect your health, the ten tips below can help.

1. Prioritize and Schedule Your Sleeping Time

Why do people can have problems with sleeping? Access to electric lights, constant news and readily available caffeine mean that many of us don't prioritize sleep. While a young body can function well on limited sleep, your aging body and brain need more structure. Set a schedule and be consistent, 7 days a week. If you're tired in the middle of the day, take a 20-minute nap.

2. Guard Your Sleeping Space

Why do we need to sleep and what does it bring to our health? Quality sleep can protect your brain, your relationships and your extremities. Poor sleep puts you at risk of diabetes, which can put your feet and toes at risk as you age due to sensation loss and poor circulation. Avoid electronics in the bedroom. Never keep your phone beside the bed. If you like to read to wind down physically, use a black screen with white text. Keep the space cool, quiet and dark.

3. Get Your Hormones Checked Out

Menopause and andropause can change the quality of your sleep. If hot flashes are keeping a woman awake, try to get more exercise during the day. Breaking a sweat can be very helpful to avoid this disruptive hormonal event. For men struggling to sleep as they used to, consider getting your thyroid, pituitary function and HGH levels checked to confirm any hormone loss is tied only to aging. With detailed blood tests, you may find that HGH therapy cost is pretty affordable in US, but requires prescription alos. It can help deficient people have more energy during the day and better sleep at night.

4. Stop the Snooze

Your brain functions cyclically when you sleep. When you hit the snooze bar, your intention may be to only sleep 10 more minutes, but your brain settles in for an hour and a half sleeping cycle. Put your alarm across the room. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, put the phone in the bathroom so you have to get up to turn off the alarm.

5. Invest in Bedding

How does our body react when we sleep? Your core body temp has to drop for you to fall into the deepest, healthiest level of sleep. A deeply comfortable bed, a cool room, and
temperature appropriate bedding can be the difference between quality sleep and grogginess. If your sleeping partner needs a cooler room than you prefer, treat yourself to a fleece blanket or pajamas that will hold the heat close to your body.

6. Get a Handle on Your Thoughts

If you notice that your brain kicks into overdrive when you try to fall asleep, chances are good that these thoughts are not healthy or comforting. Anxiety is crippling. Nighttime anxiety can cause insomnia. Poor sleep can lead to damaged relationships, poor performance at work, general crankiness and other miseries. There are indications that poor sleep can even impact the benefits of your cancer treatment should you need to undergo such treatment. If anxious thoughts won't let you sleep, talk to your doctor. Consider therapy, meditation, and prayer as you wait for your results.

7. Limit Your Naps

A short nap can take the edge off of sleepiness. Too many naps, however, can cut into your quality of sleep in the night. Use an alarm clock when you lay down to nap. If you feel yourself nodding off in the day, get up and move around or set your alarm and move to the bed for a short nap.

8. Relax with Intention

As the day winds down, limit your exposure to stimulants. If you love to laugh at late night television, consider recording these shows and watching those programs in the morning or in the middle of the day when you get a bit drowsy. Laughing is a joy, but it can also be a stimulant. Scary movies can also get your blood pumping and your brain agitated, which will limit your ability to fall asleep. Turn off televisions and other screens at least 30 minutes before bed. Consider turning off electric lights to help your brain winds down until the last light is the one beside your bed.

9. Set a Full-Stop Time for Your Caffeine Intake

The dangers of bad quality sleep can be made worse with too much caffeine. If you need morning caffeine, use it. If you find that you need afternoon caffeine, set a shut-off time unless drowsiness is getting dangerous. A sleepy person with too much caffeine in their system may be agitated and edgy, but possibly not alert or safe enough to drive or operate machinery. Agitation leads to poor decisions before it improves your reflexes.

10. Bathe with Care

Many like to relax with a hot bath before bed. However, a hot bath can elevate your body temperature and put off that core temperature drop that is so critical to quality deep sleep. If you want a bath, take it and put on your pajamas, then stay out of bed until your skin cools a bit so you can snuggle in and sleep.

Sleep is more than just health. It's a quality of life issue. Guard your schedule and your sleeping space. Get into a routine before bed to help your body and brain wind down before getting into bed.

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