What is the CCNA Exam and facts about it?

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The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a networking hardware business Cisco's entry-level information technology (IT) certification. The CCNA is to verify your understanding of core networking principles that get demanded in networking roles in IT.

Basic CCNA facts:

To know the basic facts about CCNA, learn the facts here now:

       The CCNA certification gets obtained by passing the single examination, the 200-301 CCNA.

       The CCNA examination requires $300, including tax, from June 2021.

       There are no requirements for taking the test, although it gets advised that you have some training and expertise with computer networks.

Expected salary with CCNA certificate:

CCNA certificates can help you get an entry-level networking job as well as a higher-level networking job. Job titles over at this website might seek CCNA credentials, as well as the average salaries they earn in the United States.

       IT support specialists earn $53,051 per year.

       The wage for a Web Expert is $64,430/year.

       The average salary for a network administrator is $69,243 per year.

       The average salary for a network engineer is $85,822 per year.

What does the CCNA exam entail?

The CCNA 200-301 test is 120 minutes long and is available in English and Japanese.

The following is a breakdown of the CCNA exam:

Fundamentals of the network (20%)

Routers, switches, and access points; network topologies; physical interfaces and cabling kinds; IPv4 and IPv6 setup; IP parameters; wireless, virtualization, and switching basics

Access to the internet (20%)

VLANs, Interswitch connection, Layer 2 discovery protocols, EtherChannel configuration, and verification; Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol operations AP modes, physical WLAN components, AP and WLC management access connections, and wireless LAN access are all covered by Cisco wireless designs.

Connectivity using IP (25%)

Routing tables, router decision-making, setting and testing static IPv4 and IPv6 routing, single-area OSPFv2; first-hop redundancy protocol.

IP services (10 %)

NAT and NTP configuration and verification; DHCP, DNS, SNMP, and Syslog features; per-hop behavior; SSH; TFTP/FTP configuration and verification.

Fundamentals of security (15 % )

Threats and mitigation, physical access control, password policies, access control lists, Layer 2 security features, and wireless security protocols are all security concepts.

Programmability and automation (10%)

Traditional networks vs. controller-based networks; automation principles; JSON data interpretation

Process for obtaining the CCNA certification?

There are no test prerequisites, although according to Cisco, CCNA applicants should have the following experience before taking the exam:

       One year of experience using and deploying Cisco products and solutions is required.

       IP addressing is a must-have skill.

       Basic understanding of network concepts

CCNA courses and training:

There are several online courses available to help you prepare for the CCNA test. In-person classes at your local community college could also be able to help.

       A Cisco online course helps you pass the CCNA test. As of June 2021, the CISCO course will cost $800.

       You can enroll in the Computer Communications specialty to get a comprehensive overview of networking, or you can take separate courses to specialize in specific skills such as TCP/IP or packet switching networks. Even though the specialty does not expressly prepare you for the CCNA, you will learn a lot about computer networks.

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