Why Everyone Should Take a Tech Break

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People use technology every day, and it has many benefits. But, the world is developing an unhealthy attachment to it. Cell phone addiction is becoming common in our society. Over 60% of cellphone users cannot go a day without their phones. Plus, they keep checking for alerts, messages, or calls even when the phone does not vibrate or ring. Plus, almost half of the cell phone owners sleep with their phones in bed to ensure they do not miss any calls. However, statistics do not need to predict the level of addiction people have to technology. But, it is vital to remember technology addiction is powerful, but there is a choice to unplug. Those who are wise, know when to find space and fight this addiction. Below are reasons why everyone should take a tech break. 


To combat the fear of missing out 


When you unplug from technology, you deal with the fear of missing out. According to science, the fear of missing out is an emerging psychological disorder due to increasing addiction to technology. Social media streams are full of what is happening around us. What people are eating, the latest travels, pranks and surprises, and this stream of notification makes the fear of being left out grow. Therefore, it is vital to turn off social media and live in the moment.


To promote creation over consumption 


People spend most of their time consuming or creating. In some cases, tech consumption can be good if you stream for a documentary film. Technology also supports creating for you can write your novel or article using a computer. But, most of the time, we are using it for consuming, listening to music, playing a video, browsing the internet. Yet, our world needs more creating than consuming. It requires unique contributions and solutions. Thus, power down and start contributing to a better world.


Unplugging helps to remove unhealthy feelings 


Feelings of envy, jealousy, and loneliness happen after one in three people visit a social media page, making them feel less satisfied with their lives. It is a frightening piece of research as much as not every Facebook interaction is a negative one. From body image to family happiness to vacation destinations, the opportunity of envy presents itself all the time on social media. So, powering down for some time is vital to refocus and reset. And be grateful for the lives we have. In this way, you remember how to be happy without using the screens.


Life is about meeting face to face 


The resources online help us to evolve and grow. You will meet and make a lot of friends online, among many other enriching connections. But, no matter how much people interact with others online. There is something fantastic and unique about meeting in flesh and eye contact. It is a lovely experience to meet and have eye contact with someone instead of through screens. Thus, when you take a tech break, you enjoy the fulfilling relationships of what is in front of you with no filters and one-on-one conversations.


To find and enjoy solitude 


In an always-connected world, it is harder to find solitude. Solitude provides the quiet and stillness to reflect and evaluate our lives and grounds us to the world around us. Plus, the need for solitude is more apparent in a world where the noise is louder and quicker than ever. To experience true solitude requires an individual to be intentional. In this way, an individual can shut off the screens and the noise. Plus, the best of life is happening right in front of you. The world may change, but the true nature of life will not. 


You understand technology addiction 


The only way an individual can understand technology addiction is through taking a break from it. People who take this tech break learn a lot about themselves. For instance, they know how addicting technology can be and how it is affecting their lives. Therefore, if you want to know how controlling and influencing technology is to your life, turn it off and walk away. In no time, you will feel the strong pull to have it back on. 

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