The Inconvenient Truth About LGBTQ+ Activism

News Image By Michael Brown/ June 09, 2021
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It was about 20 years ago that a conservative commentator stated that, because the homosexual movement could not grow by reproduction, it had to grow by seduction. 

Understandably, this incurred the ire of gay activists, as if their main agenda was the sexual seduction of others, including children. What this conservative commentator should have said was: "The homosexual movement cannot grow by biological replication, so instead, it puts its emphasis on ideological indoctrination." That would remain true to this day.

To be sure, this is not a subject I would prefer to address right now, nor is it a subject that I ever cared to address.

What Do We Do When ... ?

But what are we to do when the so-called Equality Act is staring us in the face, with the potential of gutting religious freedoms in favor of radical LGBTQ+ goals?

Or when, as Joy Pullmann puts it, "A clip of a 'Blue's Clues' song celebrating Masturbation and Genital Amputation Month went viral over the weekend heading into June"? ("Blue's Clues" is a children's cartoon.)

Or when the description to a recent Matt Walsh broadcast reads, "Today on the Matt Walsh Show, PBS has teamed up with the New York City Department of Education to bring drag queens and children together. We will discuss the never-ending efforts to groom and sexualize children today." What are we to do?

Or when female Olympic athletes are complaining about the prospect of competing against biological men? 

Instead, it will grow by ideological indoctrination, seeking to change hearts and minds, thereby encouraging more people to affirm, embrace, or explore non-heterosexual identities and practices.

What are we do to when a Jewish Temple in Chicago announces a June lecture by a rabbi titled, "Is God Transgender?" 

Or when Marvel comics celebrates the 80th anniversary of Captain America by introducing a brand new superhero, Aaron Fischer, who is gay? (Yes, this was timed for gay pride month as well, Fischer making his appearance on June 2. Also, for the record, there are already websites devoted to subjects like this: "Twenty-Five of my favorite lesbians and bisexual women in superhero comics. The characters cover the full range of heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and supporting cast." And should I point out that lots of kids read comic books?)

What are we do to when someone you know goes from being a married heterosexual woman (and mother) to identifying as a lesbian to then getting into a relationship with another man, with each of them switching genders?

Or when, in one night, answering LGBTQ+ questions at a conservative Baptist church, a father asks how to maintain a good relationship with an adult son, who suddenly came out as gay, then just as suddenly, started to dress like a woman? And a couple asks for wisdom in dealing with their 19-year-old granddaughter, who just came out as lesbian and announced that she's "marrying" her partner? 

And a middle-schooler asks what to do when her teachers promote gay activism but will not allow her Christian views in the class? And two high-school teachers ask what they should do if they're required to use transgender pronouns for their students? And another woman asks about whether she should attend a same-sex wedding? What are we to do? 

Amazon Prime Refuses to Carry In His Image

On June 2, I received an email from Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association. He wanted all of us to know that Amazon Prime refused to carry the important, well-researched, compassionately-presented documentary In His Image: Delighting in God's Plan for Gender and Sexuality.

I know this documentary well, since I hosted it for AFA, and I can attest to what a fine production it is. As Wildmon wrote, "I am disgusted at the hypocrisy and callousness. Amazon Prime offers every kind of degrading material imaginable -- including hardcore pornography and an entire LGBTQ movie collection -- but refuses a fair-minded film that is well-researched, has world-class production values, and whose touchstones are truth and compassion for hurting people." And Amazon allowed no appeal for the matter. Case closed!

The truth be told, the examples in this email could be multiplied by 100 (literally), and we would still not be scratching the surface of the aggressive agenda we are facing, from the schools to the courts and from the movies to social media.

And like it or not, it is coming to a church near you. (Keep your eyes out for a new propaganda movie based on some incredibly weak theological and linguistic arguments, called 1946. But the poor arguments won't stop the propaganda from spreading. For my related video response, see here.)

Percent of Americans Who Identify as LGBT Growing Due to Indoctrination

All of this, then, brings me back to my initial statement, namely, that LGBTQ+ activism will not grow by biological replication, in other words, by having large families (which is a major factor in the worldwide growth of the more conservative branches of Islam, Judaism and Christianity). Instead, it will grow by ideological indoctrination, seeking to change hearts and minds, thereby encouraging more people to affirm, embrace, or explore non-heterosexual identities and practices.

That's why it was reported by Gallup in February that, while only 1.3 percent of Americans born before 1946 identified as LGBT and just 2.0 percent of Americans born between 1946 and 1964 identified as LGBT, 15.9 percent (!) of those born between 1997-2002 identify as LGBT. The indoctrination is working.

More specifically, "The vast majority of Generation Z adults who identify as LGBT -- 72% -- say they are bisexual. Thus, 11.5% of all Gen Z adults in the U.S. say they are bisexual, with about 2% each identifying as gay, lesbian or transgender."

So, the vast majority of these Gen Z adults who identify as LGBT say they are bisexual, which points more to experimentation or confusion or breaking the norms than it does to a deep, innate sense of being different. And this, in turns, points back to the fruits of the sexual revolution, in particular, the effects of LGBTQ+ indoctrination and activism.

We Have Only One Choice: Love and Resist

And this leads back to my question, what are we do to? Do we sit by, passively and idly, or do we push back?

If we love God, if we love our families, if we love our country, if we love our freedoms, we only have one choice.

That means that, while we continue to reach out to LGBTQ+ individuals with compassion, we resist their agenda with courage. We have no other choice.

Originally published at Ask Dr Brown - reposted with permission.

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