Why Can't You Create A Commuinty Around A Product Without A Brand

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A community is a group of people united by one idea and sharing with each other experiences, dreams and goals regarding a common idea. In order for the community to exist without external support, each of the points listed above is needed. Otherwise, you will have to spend money to grow your company, for example to buy real Instagram followers.

Many start-up companies or entrepreneurs are trying to create a community around conventional products that are no different from their counterparts on the market and do not represent anything interesting and memorable. To promote their business, they create accounts on social networks, buy Instagram followers, but they fail to gain popularity. This is due to the fact that often buyers pay attention not to the product itself, but to its name.

Few people buy regular lemonade that doesn't have a well-known label. However, if we see the Pepsi sign on the counter, then we immediately remember the Christmas advertisement, think about the holidays and want to buy this drink. This is how a brand works.

There are products and their characteristics that by themselves unite amateurs around themselves without an idea. For example, fishing equipment. But here you need to understand that the unification takes place around the functions that the product performs. So sooner or later it will be replaced by another product that performs this function better. The idea of ​​a brand is needed just in order to unite people. Therefore, brands have a mission and a vision.

The idea may or may not be unique. You can strive in the same way as many others, and people can be united by your mood and the atmosphere in which you move towards your goal. For example, you don't need to create a completely new product that no one has ever tried before. You can start making cookies, ice cream, or something like that, but make it kind of a cult out of it. If you just make ice cream, no one will buy it. Buyers will choose well-known firms. However, after creating the original name and promoting the brand, the audience will want to come to you.

In doing so, it is important that the vision is believed and shared by the founders and employees. Customers and customers can rally around a fictional idea, but if it doesn't work within the company, then the community will not be attached to the brand.

If you create a brand, then it should be close and understandable to absolutely everyone who is involved in it. It should be noted that this is not only the name and purpose of the company, but also its priorities, views, and so on. For example, many firms today are famous for their active support for the preservation of the environment and trying to create products without pollution. In addition, the goal of most modern companies is to respect all people, regardless of their characteristics, and strive for equality.

Brand reputation is very important when choosing a product for customers. As you know, after major scandals, the products of companies are often boycotted by people.

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