College Essay Writing Guide For Students

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Composing the best essay needs top grammar understanding. Students must use the right words and avoid vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

No instructor will award high marks if the paper contains errors. Even if there are meaningful points, mistakes lead to scoring poorly, which further affects a learner’s final grade. 

Fortunately, there is a way to ensure you do not end up with low marks if you cannot write your essay due to lack of time or lack of skills to produce the best paper. The grademiners review, for instance, features top essay brands. They all have excellent essay writers in all learning fields. So, you can place an order and allow an expert to help you write the essay as you focus on other things that won’t stress you.

Steps followed when writing an essay.

1. Come up with the essay idea.

The first thing before writing is knowing what the paper will contain. Next, the topic will guide you on the research you will need to do, what to write, and what to leave out.

In most cases, the instructors specify the topic. So, students can go straight to researching and writing. However, in cases where there is no topic, one needs to consider one that won’t be difficult to write. So, choose an idea you are familiar with or a matter you love.

It is essential to also have the audience in mind. The people that will read your essay determine the language you will use. If it is your instructor, avoid things like emojis and slang. If the paper is for your peers, then you can include them.

2. Let your words pass the message.

This step often gets ignored, which should not be the case. It is essential because the flow of words makes the essay interesting to read.

It is essential to perform detailed research before writing the essay. It is rare for learners to produce a high-quality paper without researching. It might only happen if the person is an expert on the essay topic. 

You can gather the information needed to write the essay through several materials. Students can even consult other writers or read posts to see how people write flawlessly.

3. The essay outline.

The outline is another crucial step because it ensures you do not leave anything when writing the paper. After researching the topic, you can save all your findings. That is the information you will use to write the essay. However, you must avoid using other people’s words since that will lead to plagiarism. 

You have to compose your own words. So, create the layout of your essay. After that, start filling in each section with essential points from the research findings

4. Divide labor.

You may think this step means assigning sections of your paper to other people, but that is not what it is. 

You have to think of something. For example, what do you love most when you read? At times, content gets summarized in a piece of writing or arranged in small sections. The latter appears good. So, consider dividing the essay into parts.

They include:

●        Introduction.

●        Body.

●        Conclusion. 

The introduction must be brief. Ensure it tells the readers what the essay covers. 

The introduction part additionally determines the tone, and it is the part that can make readers read your paper until the end or ignore the rest of the sections. So, you have to ensure it captures your readers’ attention and keeps them wanting to go on reading.

The most extensive part of the essay is the body. It delivers the information gathered during research. It must comprise the main ideas, from the most important to the least important. 

The conclusion finalizes the paper. It gives a summary of the essay. So, avoid introducing an idea that is not in the introduction or body. 

The last section of the essay must also be brief. 

5. Finalize the paper.

Doing all the above does not mean your essay is ready for submission. It is necessary to ensure everything in the paper is correct. The final touches also include checking for plagiarism, grammatical errors, missing points, paragraph structure, etc. 


Revising might require a second eye since it is possible for the writer to fail to notice some mistakes. So, consider asking a friend to proofread your paper. Alternatively, you can hire a professional editor. There are several experts at the site willing to help students.

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