Is it Important to Measure Your Website Click Speed?

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In the digital world of today, site speed is a higher priority than ever before. No need to stress much about how important metric it is to your online presence and digital business. You can't just escape it.

In particular, a good site click speed significantly affects SEO rankings - both on mobile and desktop. It also affects overall user experience, paid Good ads, as well as conversion.

According to a few studies, most slow websites often have a low conversion rate, low number of pages per visit, and high bounce rate. Keep reading to understand what website click speed is and why it's very important.

What is Website Click Speed?

Website click speed or performance is the time it takes a website to load in a browser. It may affect a few parts of your site and overall business.

Essentially, a slow site hampers the UX(User Experience. This can make a visitor leave the website. You don't want to lose some potential customers because of this. 

Why You Need High Site Click Speed

Having a good website click speed has a lot of benefits. Below are a few of them.

It affects paid search 

For PPC (pay per click) and website speed, it boils down to paying the most reasonable and savvy rate when keyword bidding is needed - the quality of your score is a determining factor here. For paid media, quality score is essentially about how relevant Google sees the landing page of your site, how it relates to a search term. Your website's user experience will be analyzed according to the keywords searched by your visitors.

User experience

The speed of your site affects various digital marketing channels, the same is true for your level of conversion as well as user experience. Again, don't forget that user experience influences paid social, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and paid search. This is the reason site speed is so significant; it assumes an immediate role in client experience.

One of the major reasons why people bounce off some websites. To bounce off a website means a visitor doesn't view more than a page before leaving.

Influences social ads 

Most social media platforms also favor higher site speed. Facebook, for instance, is inclined toward higher site speed about advertisements. Facebook needs to show you the best outcomes for what you are keen on.

Over a few years ago, Facebook has been prioritizing user experience and site speed has been an integral factor.  

The better the speed of your site, the better chance you'll get the best from your social ads. And the better the user experience. 

It impacts SEO

For mobile devices, website click speed has a ranking variable. The same is true for SEO ranking. 

Since 2018, Google has been using a Mobile-First index. It also means your site click speed (especially your mobile site speed) needs to be optimized. You don't want to lose out on this. 


You can't ditch the importance of having a good website click speed. Having a good speed can only bring you more business growth. A regular click speed test will help know how fast it responds.

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