Spiritual Growth: How To Find Your Purpose In Life

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When we talk about spiritual growth, many things may come into mind, but to put all perspectives on level ground, spiritual growth pertains to the particular process of casting our faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

When we let go of our secular thoughts, ideas, and beliefs and offer our victories and losses to the Lord, we gain growth in our spirituality. 

It is the way of living a God-centered life, the awakening of our slumbering consciousness beyond our ordinary existence, and the unraveling of our purpose in this vast universe.

While you find the sense in your existence, read further as you gain confidence to comprehend the unfathomable truth of your life. 

Growing Spiritually

To find the true meaning in your life, you must first grow your spirituality. You must remember that you need to draw strength, encouragement, and inspiration for an infinite source who is God. Click here to know more about the redemptive love of the Lord to help you build a strong spiritual relationship with Him. 


Meditating is one good way of denying your truth and acknowledging the presence of a higher being that orchestrates everything around us, from the flowers that bloom to the strongest typhoon that men have ever witnessed.

Meditating also enables people to let go of inhibitions and past hurts and helps them focus on the present and the things that will most likely contribute to finding their unique purpose in life.

Ultimately, meditation enables you to rewire your mind and strengthen your spiritual connection with the Lord. This unbreakable relationship will allow you to think better and have a brighter perspective on life. 


Praying is the most efficient way of communicating with our God. Through prayers, you can seek help whenever things seem insurmountable despite giving everything you have. It is also through prayers that you can give thanks to our mighty Creator for all the good things you experience in life. 

Building your spirituality through prayer and making it a good foundation for finding your meaning here on earth is the best way to know that you have chosen the right path to pursue your identifying purpose in life. 

Check over here to find out how prayers can be as powerful as any tool that you can use to grow your spirituality. 

Having Faith

Growing spiritually means that you rely not on your earthly understanding and comprehend all the things that happened in your life have a reason. It acknowledges that every downfall is the leverage for anyone to achieve that specific purpose that God has given.

Having faith in the Lord is unburdening yourself from the problems beyond your control. It affirms that God takes control of your life during the most challenging times. In addition, accepting the truth that no matter how hard you try, the will of our Creator still has the last say.   

Acceptance of the truth enables you to grow spiritually and will save you from becoming clouded by your thoughts.

Removing Your Negative Thoughts in Life

As your spirituality grows, you must also unshackle yourself from the negative thoughts that inhibit you from discovering your full potential.

You should understand that the way you think will completely change whatever outcome lies ahead. In addition, negative thinking will strengthen evil and will most likely discourage you from discovering the actual purpose God has commanded you to do.

Training Your Mind by Focusing on the Bright Side

Studies suggest that adopting a positive outlook in life may improve your health and overall well-being and may even extend your life.

Focusing on the brighter side seems to be impossible, especially when facing the most turbulent moment in life; there are actual proven ways to help your mind focus on the good things rather than the bad ones, and here are some of the following:

Be Easy on Yourself

Take care of your physical body through exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating healthily. Being easy on oneself also requires forgiveness over past mistakes and shortcomings.

Act Small

Doing the small things will have a snowball effect and will meaningfully contribute to the good of the many.

Emphasis on the Good

Concentrate on the things that have brought happiness and joy and keep track of it through daily journaling.

Learning What to Appreciate About Yourself

As you find your purpose, it is important that you love and appreciate all the things about you first before focusing on becoming a hero for others. Remember to fortify the things that make you as a whole and do not allow the things around you to dictate your direction.

To understand your sole purpose in life, you must become holistic and seek answers within yourself. Find the things that come naturally to you, and simultaneously, step out of your comfort zone and discover the things that pique your interest.

Building Good Habits

Firstly, do not mistake good habits for routines as these are two different things.

A habit occurs without conscious thoughts, while routines are deliberate acts that will eventually die out if not sustained.

Secondly, building habits will help you appreciate the things about yourself and will set you up to shape your attitude, decision-making capabilities, and actions that significantly impact different facets of your life.

Finding Out More of What You Can Do

Stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering the things that you can do will allow you to become more aware of yourself and to evolve into a person that is impactful to multitudes of individuals surrounding you. 

From a scientific standpoint, stepping out of comfort and finding out more about yourself will put you in a prominent area referred to as “optimal anxiety.” It is when your mental state will achieve its peak and will lead to significant benefits like life productivity, adaptability, creativity, and many more. 

Final Thoughts

All of these things will put you one step closer to achieving that God-centered purpose in life. However, upon doing all these, always remember that our purpose in life should be dynamic and must evolve as we grow up. Whether we drift through time or seek eternal guidance and strength from the Lord, our mighty orchestrator, it is at our discretion.

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