Biden State Dept. Blocking Evacuation Of Afghani Christians

News Image By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz/Israel 365 News August 31, 2021
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Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Glen Beck, a TV presenter for Blaze. The interview was held remotely as Beck was in the region of Afghanistan where he was working to help Christian refugees flee Afghanistan. Last week, as the crisis in Afghanistan was unfolding, Beck set up the Nazarene Fund, raising over $30 million almost overnight to extract Christians from the country.

The need for the extraction operation was dire as the Frontier Alliance International, a global Christian missionary organization, released a statement last week stating that the Taliban in Afghanistan is going door-to-door, searching for Christians and executing them.

The Biden administration has turned over the security of the airport in Kabul to the Taliban who have set an August 31 deadline for evacuations. Beck told Carlson that he had thus far succeeded in evacuating 5,100 Christian refugees from Afghanistan via chartered airliners. 

Beck described a horrifying scene in which 500 Christians were waiting to board the next plane inside the airport's safe zone when the bombings occurred.  A military official ordered them to return to the other side of the gate, beyond the protected area of the airport.   

"I have pictures of them pleading to get back through the gate," said Beck.  "I have pictures of blood and body parts and nothing but death in that same area. We believe our State Department is directly responsible for what we believe were some of these people. I don't know how many survived." 

Beck explained that there are only three countries that have agreed to accept the refugees and are only willing to do so on the condition of anonymity out of fear of Taliban reprisals.

"The State Department has blocked us every step of the way," Beck told Carlson.  "The State Department and the White House have been the biggest problem.  Everyone else has been working together, putting aside differences and trying to get these people to safety."

Beck gave as an example a phone call made by the US State Department to a Macedonian ambassador instructing him not to accept any of the refugees into his country. 

"Our mission is now changing greatly," said Beck.  "We have to send people into even greater danger to try to smuggle these Christians out, who are marked not just for death, but to be set on fire alive because they're converted Christians."

Beck described his efforts to open up new avenues to extract the Christian refugees but did not go into detail as he was concerned the US State Department would work to shut down those as well.

Beck noted that while legal points of entry like airports were closed due to the pandemic, the Biden administration was allowing illegal immigrants to cross the southern border freely.

"One group of people are exploited, raped, and killed by drug cartels while another group is raped, exploited and crucified or set on fire by terrorists," Beck said. "There seems to be a pattern with the Biden administration."

Tucker agreed with Beck's observation.

"So Muslim countries in the region are more eager to accept Christians from Afghanistan than our own State Department," Tucker suggested.

"They have more compassion for these Christians than our American government," Beck said, his voice choked with emotion. "It is insulting, embarrassing, and wrong. What our government is doing now I believe is out and out evil."

In a separate discussion on Twitter with Sen. Tom Cotton, Beck described the predicament. Cotton confirmed that he had heard similar reports from other quarters.

"Our people on the ground inside the airport, Department of Defense and intelligence agencies and State Department officials, are trying to move heaven and earth to get people into the airport and out of the country. But the senior officials in the State Department are a different kettle of fish."

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan does not recognize any Afghan citizen as being Christian so there are officially no Christians in Afghanistan. 

Despite the legal restrictions, many sources claim that there is a secret underground church of Afghan Christians living in Afghanistan. 

The US state department has stated estimated of the size of secret Christians to be several thousand individuals but other mission organizations put it at much larger numbers. Due to the hostile environment, Afghan Christians practice their faith secretly in private homes.

Originally published at Israel365 News - reposted with permission.

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