How to have the best flight-experience!

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Since spring is almost there, and the weather outside is becoming more pleasant day by day, you might start spending time thinking about planning your summer holiday already! Where will you go, is it going to be beached this year or do you prefer some mountains and a real good hike? Are you planning a trip with your friends, or will it be a week with love and passion only by going together with your partner? Are you rather going on a car-trip, or will the plane be seated with you and your company? This last might give some stressful moments, especially if you are a little bit afraid to get in the plane and reach your destination. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to make your flight-experience this year more enjoyable!


Be aware of what you eat!

Maybe you didn’t think about it before – what’s not weird – but the food and some drinks you might consume will have a big influence on how tense you are when you will enter the plane. When you drink a few coffees before take-off, you might feel extra nervous. Maybe you recognize the feeling from drinking too much coffee in the morning; a constant feeling of nervousness will be awakened! Next to coffee, eating chocolate might have the same influence on your state of nervosity.


Inner peace

Try to relax and create some inner peace. We suggest that you already start with that the evening on forehand. Relax the night before, read a book or watch some television. Go to bed early and have a good night of rest! Wake up on time, so that you don’t create time stress before you have to leave for the airport. If you find yourself tensioned at the airport, just start walking around or go read a book; you’ll notice that focusing on something else will help you get less nervous. There are also great products that can help you get relaxed, such as pills or rich hemp oil; just take it on forehand and you’ll be more comfortable and relaxed.


Ask for explanations

When you are scared when entering the airplane, don’t be ashamed! It might be very helpful to go to the purser or a steward(ess) and just ask for explanations on how things related to the airplane work. For example, when you are very afraid of turbulence, just try to find an explanation on where the turbulence comes from and what it exactly is. The working crew on the airplane are surely more than happy to help you and tell you anything about it! 

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