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BestBonus, one of the top online casinos, has benefited from search engine optimization in several ways since it began in 2007. Some of these benefits are immediately visible to visitors who use search engines to find the company’s website, while others take a little more digging to uncover...but they’re all well worth the effort! Read on to learn about six ways BestBonus benefits from search engine optimization and how you can benefit from this practice as well!

Improved Ranking On Search Engines

One benefit that many people forget about search engine optimization is improved ranking. As we’ve seen with BestBonus, a number of things can drive more traffic to your site. These visitors aren’t just eyeballs, but actual qualified leads who are looking for what you have to offer. This means more leads for you and a better conversion rate on your sales pages or contact forms.

Increased Traffic Through Organic And PPC Channels

People search for keywords that describe what BestBonus does, as well as our brand name. Our keywords and brand name are featured prominently in our site, landing pages, website navigation, product descriptions and more. Through search engine optimization (SEO), we ensure that when people search for these words, they are directed to BestBonus through PPC channels or organic results where we can convert them into customers.

Higher Conversion Rates

It’s no secret that organic traffic converts better than paid traffic. While not everyone who finds your website will turn into a customer, those who find you organically are usually more likely to convert. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing are so important for e-commerce businesses like BestBonus. In fact, our average conversion rate is 20 percent higher since we ramped up our SEO efforts last year.

More Visitors, More Click-Throughs

Not only do we have more people finding us through search, but our pages are getting more traffic as well. When users find us on Google and decide to visit our site, they’re also likely to click through to other pages on our site. This works in two ways; first, visitors can end up coming back to BestBonus several times throughout their search journey.

Increased social activity

Getting people talking about your brand is a big win—and it’s another benefit that you get to reap without spending anything extra. When people search for BestBonus, and our results are front and center on their screen (thanks to those keywords), they’re going to click through, say something positive about us in social media posts, or even share one of our links. That’s free marketing for us!

Sales Revenue Increases Via Our Website

Through search engine optimization, more people are finding BestBonus via search engines, meaning more people are seeing our website and browsing our services. This has increased our sales revenue as a direct result of increased website traffic. As long as we continue to focus on creating effective content for our readers, we can count on a steady stream of visitors for years to come.

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