Secondary Research: Why Do It? Secondary Research Advantages?

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Secondary research refers to information that has already been gathered but is freely accessible to the public. They were formerly the primary source of information but have now been relegated to secondary status. Because it is often made public, secondary research is frequently available to academics and the general public. However, this also implies that secondary research is not as specific to the researcher's requirements as primary data.

Analysis Of Secondary Research

When doing secondary research analysis, one looks at the information that another researcher gathered for a different objective. Using secondary research helps researchers avoid wasting time and money on central data collecting. The method used to analyse secondary research depends on the data being studied. Quantitative secondary research analysis relies on the mathematical examination of numerical data. In contrast, qualitative analysis uses textual descriptions of data to reveal hidden patterns and insights.

Advantages Of Secondary Research

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of secondary research. The advantages of secondary research will be highlighted in this article.


Most secondary information may be obtained for free or at a low price. Books, journals, and periodicals of all kinds may be found and downloaded for free via the internet. Those without internet access may also use public libraries to borrow books at no cost. There is no need for researchers to spend on fieldwork, and only a negligible amount goes toward purchasing reference materials.


The time required for obtaining secondary research is typically minimal compared to the main data. The only research involved in secondary research collection is the procedure of sourcing appropriate data sources. Consequently, the amount of time needed to conduct the study was reduced. Due to this, there will be a substantial saving in research time.

      Studies of longitudinal and comparative nature

With secondary research, longitudinal studies may be conducted quickly, allowing for findings to be drawn after a year or two. Consider looking at census data from, say, five years ago to see how the population changed at that time. Instead of waiting five years, we may gather the census again and compare the results.


Secondary research may be found in various places like a report vs essay and is often not difficult to get. Most of these resources are available online and accessible from any mobile device. They are also available in print for those with limited or no access to the internet. They may be found at bookstores, libraries, and even borrowed from friends and family.

      Insight generation

New insights emerge when information is reevaluated, particularly from a different perspective. Perhaps anything that was missed by the main data collector in the past can be uncovered by the secondary researcher. For instance, if users are having trouble with an app and contacting customer support, the team may opt to write a user guide to help those people out. When a developer gets access to this information, they may determine that the problem stems from a flawed UI or UX design.

Sources Of Secondary Research

Listed below are a few instances of secondary research sources.


There is a growing audience for podcasts, similar to radio broadcasts over the internet. Podcasts are a potential source of education for interested parties. Additional data may be gathered through social media, public records, radio broadcasts, and the mail.


Professor Richard Feierabend of Cardiff University agrees that books may be a reliable source of complex information.


Research trips are replacing book-based surveys as the preferred method of gathering information. Journals are a reliable source of up-to-date information on publishing subjects related to data analysis since they are regularly supplemented with new articles.

      Published Sources

There are several published sources for various fields of inquiry. Whether or not the author and publisher paid for the study in question determines how reliable the information they provide is.


Since websites aren't regulated, you can't assume their information is correct. Researchers can get reliable information from several government-sanctioned websites. These sites are either government agencies or private companies paid to gather information.


In most cases, newspapers don't cover scientific news but political, economic, and instructional stories. Scientific information is best found elsewhere than in the newspaper. Newspapers often provide reliable information, making them valuable for gathering secondary research.


Many people use blogs to increase website traffic or make money via advertising. Although a common internet resource, blogs may not be as reliable as websites, especially if a ghostwriter wrote them.

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