The Biggest Casino Wins. Interesting Stories About The Lucky Ones

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There’re thousands of punters all over the world. There’s hardly at least one who has never dreamed of winning a casino. However, not everyone is lucky enough to reach such a goal. Besides, luck is not the only issue, which leads to the winnings. There should be certain skills and knowledge as well as traits of character to be able to win a jackpot.

Throughout the history of gambling, many surprising things have happened. There have been legendary winnings and losses, murders and robberies. Thus, there’s always something to tell about the industry and its representatives. In our article, we’ll observe the top 10 biggest casino wins.

How to Win a Casino?

The majority of people say that it’s impossible to win a casino because the system is always organized to benefit the gambling house. However, there’s something you can do to increase your chances of winning and make the risks as low as possible. Use our instructions on how to win:



1. Try various games

Modern gaming facilities offer diverse types of games – slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, etc. Each game has its rules and betting strategies. When various games are tested, a punter can define the one, which is more suitable to play and win.

2. Have some training

Before taking a real-money challenge, it’s better to improve your skills in a selected game. Fortunately, many Internet casinos offer to play demo versions for fun.

3. Observe a casino before playing

It mostly concerns land-based venues, where there’re no clocks on the walls, no windows, while the tables are located to form a sort of labyrinth. The first visit to such a place might make everyone disoriented. Try to get ready to avoid this.

4. Try to maintain a water balance

Drink water regularly to drink water or something (except for alcohol) regularly to feel good and stay concentrated.

5. Try to limit the consumption of beverages (even if the alcohol is free)

Many gaming facilities offer free alcoholic beverages because they can make punters frustrated and lead to their losses. Minimize the consumption (or better avoid drinking alcohol at all).

6. Track the time

It’s easy to lose the sense of time when gambling. Thus, it’s better to have a watch or set a timer on a mobile phone.

7. Leave at the peak of your winnings

Many people become too risky and hope to win even more. Keep calm and try to be satisfied with smaller winnings. Thus, you’ll make the risks of huge losses smaller.

8. Consider the odds and house edge

While pokies are easier to play, they are more beneficial for casinos. It’s better to stay on table games.

9. Make reasonable bets

It’s better to make bigger stakes for greater payouts. However, it doesn’t mean you should bet everything you have.

10. Find a suitable table

It’s better to play with tourists than with experienced regulars.

Well-Known Winners

The history of gambling is long and controversial. Even with a significant benefit of a casino, there’re cases when punters manage to beat the gaming venue and take a significant prize. The following cases turned out to be the most prominent ones (they include land-based and online casino biggest wins):

  • Resort World Casino. It happened in New York, in 2016. The woman gambler managed to win over 42 million USD in Sphinx slot. The largest reward indicated was about 6,000 USD though. There was a big scandal, so the lady didn’t get her prize. But still, she did win.
  • Excalibur Casino. The Las Vegas gaming facility had to pay over 39 million USD to the punter from Los Angeles. He bet just 100 USD in the Megabucks pokie.
  • Betway Internet casino. J. Heywood appeared to be a lucky soldier who kept his huge winning in secret for years. It was one of the biggest online casino wins in the UK and totaled 13.2 million GBP. The man was playing Mega Moolah with a progressive jackpot option in 2015. He bet just 0.25 GBP per spin and obtained an impressive amount.
  • Desert Inn. In 2000, in Las Vegas, Cynthia Brennan won 35 million USD. She also played a well-known Megabucks pokie.
  • MGM Grand Casino. K. Packer visited Vegas and took 30 million USD from MGM Grand Casino. In fact, the winning was 10 million dollars more but the man spent 10 million on betting and extra services.
  • Betsson Online Casino. In 2011, a man from Norway managed to win over 17 million USD in Arabian Knights reel machine.
  • PAF online club. In 2013, a man from Finland decided to play the Mega Fortune slot with a progressive jackpot option. He was lucky to win 21 million USD. His emotions were speaking for himself – the case became a part of the history.
  • Grand Mondial online casino. In 2018, there was one of the biggest scandals in the history of online gambling. One man won 23.5 million USD in Mega Moolah. His identity isn’t clear but still, he managed to beat the Guinness World Record with the largest online winning in the history of gambling.
  • Napoleon Sports & Casino. The latest significant winning was registered in 2021. A Belgian punter was playing the Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah pokie with a progressive jackpot and won 23.6 million USD.
  • Gala Bingo’s mobile casino. A plain librarian from Scotland won a jackpot, which totaled 4.5 million GBP. He was playing the Jackpot Giant by Playtech.


Even though everything in modern casino games depends on luck, there’re real chances for huge winnings for everyone. The examples, which we meet in the history of gambling, can prove it. Every year, the number of winners, as well as the amounts of prizes, keeps growing. Get ready for the challenge, train your skills, choose a reliable gaming facility to play for cash (it’s better to read, for instance, the FairGo casino review or feedback on other clubs), and play responsibly to become a millionaire!

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