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Content writing services are gaining popularity among thousands of startups and big companies. The reason is that online presence has become an inevitable part of the operational activity of any enterprise. Quality content allows for attracting more customers, sharing important information with existing clients, and gaining a reputation as an influencer in a particular niche. Therefore, many companies decide to dedicate their content writing activities to professional agencies. In this post, you will find the types of content creation services and explore the biggest players in this niche.

Types Of Writing Services

To choose a professional agency, it is crucial to understand the differences between various writing solutions. Here is a list of the most common ones.

Website Content

This is about composing texts for articles, product descriptions, and other basic information available on a particular website. Many agencies that specialize in delivering website content also work with landing pages, newsletters, and sales pages for new products or services. This solution might come in handy for big e-commerce platforms and other selling websites.

Content For Blogs

Almost any modern company has a blog, where it can share the most up-to-date information about its niche, promote new products, and create posts about sales or promotions. Any blog post should be perfectly written and contain only relevant and useful information about the company’s area of interest.

Any mistakes, typos, or inconsistencies in the blog posts are unacceptable and might lead to losing the business audience. However, if you show off your professionalism and deep understanding of your sphere in a blog, you will likely attract more subscribers, partners, and customers.

SEO Content

There is nothing new that unique, fresh, up-to-date, and engaging content published on your website on a regular basis can significantly increase your scores, set up by search engines. Moreover, it is important to use original and the most fitting keywords that will bring readers to your site.

Therefore, content professionals in the SEO sphere remain in high demand. Services focused on SEO content might improve your website performance, make it more popular, and even bring the entire business to a higher level. If you would like to gain more profits, it’s time to hire SEO experts.

Academic Writing

Academic writing is often considered another type of content. If you are looking for professionals in this field, it might be good to explore the reviews on . This will help you choose the most reliable service with a brilliant reputation. Not to mention, this type of content is most popular among students.

How to Choose A Content Writing Site

Choosing a reputable writing site might take your time. There are many factors and features that should be taken into account when choosing a content-delivering partner. Here is a hotlist that might be a good idea to check before signing any contracts.

     Experience in your niche. Some agencies are focused on blog and website content for e-commerce platforms, while others might be good at writing content for technical topics, cryptocurrency, financial and stock markets, etc. If you have a unique niche that requires deep understanding, it is better to make sure the chosen agency works with your field.

     Portfolio. When looking for a professional in any area, looking through the portfolio is a must. The content creation industry is not an exception to the rule. If you suddenly discover pieces of low-quality content in a company’s portfolio, it’s a red flag for your company, too.

     Pilot project. If you are not sure a company will suit your needs and expectations, feel free to ask for a pilot project. If it is successful, you can sign long-term contracts with a content service. If not, it’s time to say goodbye. Of course, you are still at risk of losing money, but the sum is not so big as to harm your budget.

     Prices. Although it might sound obvious, you need to be aware of all the additional payments that might occur during your cooperation. Moreover, it might be good to set up some penalties in case your partner fails to deliver the needed content on time.

     Revision policy. The revision policies of different content creation businesses significantly vary. Some services have a limited number of free revisions, while others might take a small fee for each revision.

     Ratings. You can find ratings and feedback from cooperating with thousands of businesses online. Don’t miss your chance to know the hidden truth about your possible partner.

Top Content Writing Services


     Rightly Written

     Text Workers


     SEMrush Content Marketplace

     Text Mercato

     SEO Butler














New content writing agencies constantly appear on the market. Feel free to choose any according to your requirements, niche, budget, and special needs.

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