How to Write a Perfect College Essay

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Creating a readable and mistakes-free academic assignment often appears to be not easy for many college students. If you face any difficulties with composing excellent essays, this post is right for what you might need. Discover a list of the proven tips on how to write a brilliant essay within the shortest terms right here below.

Choose A Topic Wisely

Picking up a great topic is your first step to success. In most cases, you might find a list of available topics in the writing instructions provided by your college professor. Otherwise, get ready to do some research to identify the most interesting and innovative options.

So, what does a good topic mean? The most necessary feature of a nice topic is its relevance. It should be modern, up-to-date, and bring educational value to learners. What is more, it is crucial to find a balance between choosing a broad and too simple solution to write about. In case you select a plain topic, you might fail to find facts and examples to support your ideas. If you grab a too complicated one, you are at risk of getting lost in tons of facts to write about. Therefore, any student should pay extra attention to choosing a topic for any type of academic assignment.

Look For Essay Samples

You can easily find tons of free essay samples available online. But why do you need to read papers written by other learners? The secret truth is that exploring quality essays composed by professional writers or experienced students will give you plenty of good ideas for your own writing.

Moreover, you might also explore the required voice and tone to be used in academic writing, investigate a common essay structure, and learn more about references and formatting. However, make sure to explore the newest essays available online, as well as those created by experienced learners.

Follow the Basic Structure

Many students believe that using a traditional essay structure is an outdated and old-school solution. They try to avoid this structure and bring innovation to their writing by composing facts and arguments in a new manner. However, this is one of the most common mistakes for many learners.

Although you might choose an innovative or out-of-the-box topic for your academic assignment, it is still crucial to follow a standard essay structure. In other words, double-check whether your writing has an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. If one of these parts is missing or fails to be clear, it is better to make some modifications and polish your writing accordingly.

Start Slow

Composing a great essay in just a couple of hours is difficult for even the most experienced students. If you believe your topic is absolutely easy and you will write your essay in just an hour, you might be wrong. The reason is that collecting examples, creating an outline, writing, and proofreading will still require plenty of time. Furthermore, you might suddenly discover some new facts that are worth mentioning in your paper. As a result, a common academic assignment might take you 6 hours instead of 2.

To avoid missing deadlines or learning at night, it is better to start working on your academic assignment right after you’ve received it. This way, you will have more time for research, collecting facts, exploring essay samples, and writing itself.

Check for Plagiarism

Any academic assignments should be checked for plagiarism before it reaches the professor’s hands. The fact is that passing a plagiarized paper is the worst thing you can do for your academic performance - unoriginal essays are always rated with the lowest grade.

But how can you check your paper for plagiarism? That is incredibly easy - just find a free checker online. Then you will need to download the file with your essay or just copy and paste text in the required field. Most checkers are free to use, so you can select any convenient solution for no extra cost.

In case you have over 10% of plagiarized text, it is better to modify the needed sentences or paragraphs. The higher level of originality you have, the better. However, don’t try to reach 100% uniqueness always since it might be hardly possible, especially for popular topics.


Although you might be extremely tired of writing or believe your essay is absolutely perfect without proofreading, it is still important to review your writing. The reason is that sometimes you might fail to notice some duplicated phrases or sentences, typos, and other issues. Proofreading academic papers will help you solve these issues in a matter of a couple of moments.

All in all, composing winning college essays requires time and lots of practice. To begin with, try to follow the simple tips above to avoid the most common mistakes made by thousands of students. Choose your topic wisely, follow the traditional essay structure, explore your paper’s samples, and don’t forget about proofreading.

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