8 Tips for Writing Better Ad Copies

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Every day, professionals contend with writing ad copies that sound authentic while conforming to search engine rules. The creativity and technical know-how the average marketer needs to make an excellent ad copy has increased as people become more immune to salesy tactics.

So, if you are part of that group, you can take solace in the knowledge that you aren’t alone. We have compiled a list of foolproof tactics for writing head-turning ad copies. By the end, you will feel more confident in your ability to attract customers with your ads.

Leverage the Competition’s Audience

If your product or brand isn’t as famous as your competitors’, you can use a comparative approach in your headline. You don’t have to mention the competition to avoid drawing attention to them. A subtle suggestion, quote, or association is enough for users to click through.

Let your copy seem familiar but unique. You can redirect some of its traffic to your product by associating with successful strategies and an existing customer base. For instance, if you are promoting an academic writing services platform where students order essays and look for the help of professional essay writers from Harvard, you can use relatable college slang to connect with your customers.

Put Yourself in the Reader’s Shoes

A typical mistake many digital marketers and writers make is creating ads they love. Your ad copy may make you feel like you are Neil Patel. But it also makes it easy to forget that you are most likely NOT your target audience.

You must learn to dissociate yourself from your ad pieces, especially after drafting them. When writing, put on the customer’s hat. Imagine what you would think of the copy if you came across it while randomly scrolling on social media as the customer. 

Start With a Bang

After understanding your audience’s reaction to your draft, ensure your headline elicits a double take from them. Some people go too far with this tactic, creating clickbait titles and headlines. But you are a professional, a class above the rest, so you must aim higher.

You can reel in the reader using humor, thought-provoking questions, or verifiable statistics. Make your headline badass enough to get the customer interested in knowing more. 

But don’t do it to the point where it makes the product or service you are promoting underwhelming by comparison. In all you do, sound believable, and make it snappy.

Appeal to the Customers’ Emotions

People buy products and services for emotional reasons and try to justify their decisions logically. If you think about it, many purchases hinge on the customers’ feelings, especially with upgrades. So, make your message target those emotional drivers.

Professional essay writing websites use this strategy to significant effect. Instead of focusing on their writing service, they appeal to the average student’s emotional need to feel accepted socially and not miss out on the fun years of their life. Their ad copies make the students feel like they could solve multiple problems at once with one purchase or subscription.

Include the Right Keywords

To ensure your copy stays afloat in the sea of information online, you must include the appropriate keywords. A little keyword research will tell you which keywords you need.

But stuffing your ad copy with keywords isn’t the way to go. Remember that your customers are humans. Google’s bots won’t buy your freshly baked doughnuts.

Instead, use general and specific keywords in the proper proportion in your copy. You can even add them to the ad’s display URL. And tactfully ensure you don’t lose that emotional appeal, readability, or naturalness.

Highlight What the Reader Stands to Gain

Let your ad copy assure your audience that you can and will meet their needs. There’s no need to summon the penmanship of George Orwell to wow readers, only for them to scroll past because your copy was just fun to read.

Remember that you aren’t a storyteller and a problem solver. Don’t let your audience miss either element in your ad copy. If you demonstrate your understanding of their needs and show that you have a solution for them, the audience will come to you.

Add a Straightforward Call-to-Action

No matter how definitive your copy is, assuming your readers will intuitively know what to do is sloppy. Some of them may be multitasking or distracted at the point of reading your copy and would need a nudge over the line. So, tie the call-to-action (CTA) to your ad’s goal.

Use words like Register, Download, Buy, Subscribe, etc., in the CTA depending on what you want them to do.

Put the CTA in bold to make it stand out from the rest of the copy. That way, even the most distracted reader won’t overlook the definitive action that solves their problem and brings money to you.

Have Another Pair of Eyes Review Your Copy

Finally, don’t be the judge, jury, and executioner of your ad copy. Have others review it and tell you what could be better about it. 

A great strategy is to A/B test the copy by creating two versions or ideas for it and running them by your colleagues or anyone representing the ad’s target audience. You can focus on different things in both versions of the ad copy or use different tones. Switch things up, but let both texts go through the same judgment parameters and criteria. 

You can review the copy in other ways as long as you step back and let others give their opinions on your copy’s appeal before making it go live.


Writing appealing ad copies isn’t becoming easier as audiences grow more distracted, impatient, and resistant to bludgeoning salesmanship. But you can evolve your writing and review process to sound more compelling even to the most stubborn customer. The tips in this article are tried and tested, and with your natural creativity, they will help you create ad copies that achieve your goals.

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