Starting a Business at College: 9 Common Mistakes

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Following your dreams and making some profit all at once is something that you can achieve with your own business. Of course, starting a company can be quite challenging for anyone. But students are especially at risk of opening their own start-ups and failing in the first year. This has a little bit to do with their lack of experience and planning ahead.

Some might say that not all learners are reckless like that. When you are young, everything seems possible, so you have more drive to open a business and make it successful. Sure, students might not have the necessary experience, but with enough support from their friends, some luck, and a little money to invest, they can achieve great things!

In case you are thinking about going into commerce, don’t forget that you still need to graduate. Sometimes managing your own company and doing homework all at once can be pretty demanding. When you are feeling overwhelmed, you can hire people asking for essay help from EssyHub on the internet. This way, your grades won’t suffer, and you will have more free time!


So, are you still not convinced about opening a company? Here are the nine most common mistakes that students should stay away from in the business world!

Choosing a wrong partner

One of the pillars of a successful start-up is choosing your co-founders. Of course, you can be the only SEO, but you still need other workers! At the beginning of this journey, you would need marketing, IT, and customer support specialists to help you get your business off the ground. Make sure that you know all your strong sides and choose someone who will complement them.

Not having a solid business plan

If you want to attract investors and your target clientele in the future, you need to have a plan and another one in case the first one fails. Students can be a little spontaneous and impatient, especially when it comes to numbers, structure, and other organizational stuff. This is one of those mistakes that will cost you more in the long run! Here is some useful advice about what to include in your business plan:

  • mission and vision statements;
  • a short summary of your business;
  • market assessment;
  • financial predictions;
  • plans for future development;
  • staff expectations.

Not paying attention to your studies

Sometimes it might seem like your start-up takes all your free time. It’s definitely true for those people who try to do everything by themselves. Just remember that you still need to graduate! Don’t be afraid to use some online essay writing services that you can find on for your convenience. Expert writers will do your homework for you!

Trying to do it all

Some people think that success will come to them if they try hard enough. This might be true because, without passion, you won’t get anywhere. On the other hand, don’t stretch yourself too thin! You can’t get your degree, manage a business, provide for yourself, and have a social life if you don’t have any help! So, it’s better to hire some interns or ask for assistance beforehand.

Dreaming too big

Of course, dreams are very important. Without them, you won’t have a vision for your start-up at all. On the other hand, thinking that your company will be the next Facebook or Amazon might be a little too early! Set out some smaller goals for yourself, for example, cornering the local market or creating a specific niche that is in demand right now.

Not paying attention to marketing and competition

You might have an excellent idea and a quality product, but if you don’t have any customers, it doesn’t really matter. For this reason, students have to conduct extensive market research before committing to a company. Here are some things that need to be included in your marketing presentation:

  • your target clients’ buying trends;
  • growth predictions;
  • outlook of the market and the whole industry;
  • predicted market share percentage of your company;
  • price breakdown and analysis.

Spending all your money

Well, this shouldn’t even be mentioned in this list because there will be no business without any financial assets. In general, students don’t have a lot of experience with money planning. So, in case you got funding for your start-up already, don’t spend it all at once! There are some things that you definitely won’t need at the beginning, like a huge office and an expensive coffee machine.

Getting too attached to your company

For some people, their business is everything. They spend every waking minute trying to improve their sales, customer relations, and strategies. On the other hand, statistics show that most start-ups fail within one year since their foundation. Even if your company doesn’t make it in this tough business environment, try to see it as a positive experience and not a failure!

Being afraid of failing

This mistake is directly related to the previous entry on this list. Planning for failure is not something that every young entrepreneur does. Some experts say that you shouldn’t be afraid to fail. Creating your own business from the start is hard, and huge companies already have the upper hand over you. It’s how you get over this and learn from your mistakes that matters!

To Sum Up

So there you have it, the nine most common mistakes that students should avoid when they start a company in college! Basically, good business advice is universal for everybody and not only for graduates. Still, there are definitely some challenges when you try to combine working and getting your diploma! Finding this delicate balance will be tough but absolutely worth it.

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