6 Effective Life-saving Features To Look For In Shoes For Diabetics

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1. Soft Leather Uppers

Leather shoes are ideal for those with diabetes because of their flexibility of leather. As such, it will not worsen a foot problem as it does not rub against your foot. Other materials may rub against your foot and make your foot problem worse than it is.

2. Shoes with Adjustable Straps or Lace-Up Shoes

I know that it seems like a slip-on style may be good for those with diabetes as they are easy to get on and off your foot. Even though comfort is something worth considering when looking for shoes, it should not be the only factor to consider. Considering how well the shoe fits is equally important. Ensure that the shoes you choose offer a good level of support throughout the day. Orthotic shop is a place to visit for all your requirements in footwear section, if you are diabetic.

3. Shoes with a Well Cushioned Sole

A shoe with a well-cushioned sole is better than one with a thin leather sole. Look for shoes with good shock absorption as they cushion your feet. Remember that you may not know when you are getting minor injuries or blisters to your feet. If these are not treated, they can be infected and cause serious health problems.

4. Shoes with a Firm Back

Choose shoes with a back that cannot collapse on either side because of their firmness. Ensure that the shoe you choose offers a good level of support for the back of your foot.

5. Wide Fit Shoes

The shoes you choose should provide a snug fit instead of being too tight. Narrow shoes are not good for your feet as they are likely to increase the risk of blisters, bunions, calluses, and corns as they can squeeze and press the toes against them.  As such, it is good to consider wide-fit shoes as they are less likely to lead to any damage to your foot.

6. Shoes with Extra Depth

Shoes with extra depth can be good for diabetics, especially for those who have visited a podiatrist and have been told to wear a special insole or pad to relieve pressure on the affected part of their foot. This is because of the fact that shoes with extra depth provide enough room to insert a special insole or pad.

4 Top Tips for Buying Shoes for Diabetics

1. Avoid Shopping for Shoes in the Morning

It is wise to shop for shoes late in the afternoon instead of shopping for them in the morning as feet swell as you walk on them as the day goes on. Those with kidney or heart problems and those with diabetes will find this tip important as swelling often becomes more pronounced in the lower legs, ankles, and feet as the day goes on. Look for shoes that feel comfortable without showing signs of pinching your feet.

2. Check the Inside of the Shoes You Want to Buy

Is there anything sharp or rough like stitching or seams? If there are there, look for another shoe. This is because anything sharp or rough inside your shoe can break or rub the skin and cause scrapes or cuts on your feet. Avoid anything that can cause a mark on or puncture your skin when looking for good shoes for diabetics.

3. Try On the Shoes You Want to Buy While Wearing the Socks You Will Be Wearing With the Shoes

It is good to wear the socks you will be wearing with your new shoes when shopping for your shoes as different socks have different thicknesses depending on the make. If you don’t consider the socks you will be wearing with the shoes, you may end up with shoes that don’t fit properly. Wearing socks that are significantly heavier or lighter with shoes can make a difference in how the shoes fit.

Ensure that you check your socks on a regular basis and dispose of those that are worn out or old. Socks made from natural fibers or cotton are better than those made from nylon. Consider buying diabetic socks that are “all in one” as they have no toe seam or a casting-off knot at their ends that can rub the toes and cause irritation.

4. Ensure That There Is Enough Room from the End of Your Longest Toe to the Tip of Your Shoe

A good shoe has about half a thumb’s width of space between the end of the toe and the tip of the shoe to give enough room in the shoes. This helps avoid rubbing and pinching of the toes.

Are you looking for the best shoes for all occasions including business wear and casual wear? If the answer is a big yes, then consider Wide Fit Shoes as they have a wide variety of shoes for diabetics. Our handy online measuring guide can help you choose the right shoe size before you order. You can check the Men’s Diabetic Shoes by visiting the highlighted link or check our Velcro trainers.

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