Study Groups: Everything You Need to Know

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Study groups are a fundamental element for university study, but too often underestimated! In fact, studying alone gives us the feeling of not wasting time and being super-productive. And this is true!

But you probably haven't thought about study groups in the way they deserve to be considered, that is, as real allies for exam preparation.

In this article, after reviewing the main benefits of having a study group, we explain how to create your own.

The Benefits of Having a Study Group

Putting Together "Individual Knowledge"

The first advantage for which to create groups to study with is to put together the ideas, the reflections, and the knowledge of the individuals and use it to feed that of each participant.

How many times has it happened to you, before an exam, to hear a person dealing with a topic in a different (and perhaps more complete) way than you did?

Study groups are there to help you learn about things that you would otherwise ignore and that may be important for your next university exam.

Sharing Notes, Handouts, etc.

Statistically speaking, in each group there will always be a different personality from the other.

• There is the perfectionist who transcribes every single word of the lesson of prof

• There is a genius who can clarify your ideas on what is best to study and how

• There is the one who finds notes, exam tracks, etc. on the internet to study at their best.

It is much more difficult to get what you want if you are not part of a group. Additionally, maybe someone will share an excellent paper writing service for others to also use.

Get Feedback on Exams

Let's suppose you are 7 people in your group. Each of you has a different exam session schedule, right? This is an incalculable advantage. Each of you, in fact, will be able to have confidential information from people in your group on the examination methods, development, and difficulties.

Emotional Support and Relationships

Last but not least, another important element is the emotional support you can give each other among colleagues! There are moments of no or frustration but being part of a group also means being close in these moments and being able to count on a supportive shoulder. Do not you think?

Useful tips for creating a study group

1. Find People with Your Mindset

In an article on the successful student mindset, we pointed out how important it is to avoid all those people who are harmful to our university's success.

Harmful people are those people who do not bring any added value to your university career but on the contrary are whiny, distracted, annoyed, and have a losing mentality. These people must be eliminated from your life.

On the other hand, all those people who 'see it as you are great and must be part of your group. If you like using writing services then the people you’re looking for are also open to this option.

He favors brilliant people, who want to push to graduate at their best with high marks. Aim for the best in your group as well.

2. To Each His Own Specificity

Working for several years in the company I made my own maxim that I think is the heart of the success of a project and group of people.

The group works when it is heterogeneous and each one benefits in a different area.

Staying in the business context, having 5 people dealing with financial administration is not good for the company. Having 5 people in a team, each with their own specificity is great.

The study group works when it is heterogeneous and includes people who are good at different subjects.

It may seem like a cliché, but the study group is not a group of friends but a group of people who work together to achieve a goal. If they become friends, so be it!

The concept I want to convey to you is that everyone in the group gives something and receives something different from the others. This makes it work.

3. Take Advantage of Opportunities and Moments of Knowledge

A study group, after all, is a group of people.

For this reason, as in all social occasions, being able to enter an aggregate of people may not be easy.

Very often at the university, there is a natural selection of groups.

Nobody really knows for sure what his fate will be and in which group.

My advice is to give a damn about this maxim and try to socialize as much as possible at university and figure out which group is right for you and try to fit in. Take it as a way to get to know people. In the end, you will only be comfortable with a few people of all those you have known, that will be your study group.

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4. Select People with Similar Paths

We are much more stimulated to study when we know that the people around us have the same challenges as us and are at the same point as us on the path to graduation. Federico and I (the other founder of Top Student), we have benefited a lot from our study group.

In fact, we were both workers, we both had more or less the same exams and we both had the same professional challenges. All this has given us extra gear to grow.

Study Group, One Last Important Thing

Before concluding the article I want to make sure that you fully understand one last concept. The study group is something extremely useful and fundamental for your exams but… the study method comes first.

Without a strong foundation of study, everything around it loses importance. For this reason, I recommend the classic saying back to basics. Start from the basics and only then find the study group that's right for you!

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