Israel Holds Secret 'Massive Attack' Drill Against Iran With US Participation

News Image By David Sidman/Israel 365 February 04, 2022
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A US official participated in a classified Israel Air Force exercise simulating a "massive attack" on the Iranian nuclear facility reports Times of Israel. The drill took place two weeks ago, according to the report.

A United States Air Force officer took part in the exercise in the role of an an observer, Israel's Kann public broadcaster reported.

The drill involved dozens of Air Force jets and included several scenarios. Among them - long-range strikes, mid-air refueling, and responses against anti-aircraft weaponry.

The unconventional participation of an American official was portrayed by the report as proof of a shift in Washington's view of Iran's nuclear program as negotiations for a new deal have seem to be failing.

A US State Department official told reporters on Monday that the window of opportunity for obtaining a possible nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic was closing.

"Iran's nuclear program is advancing. A deal will become irrelevant in a few weeks," he said, adding that it was made clear to both Iran and other participants in the negotiations in Vienna.

Israel, which is most opposed to the talks, expressed that it reserves the right to launch military action to defend its citizens regardless of the outcome in Vienna.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Tuesday that "the campaign to weaken Iran" would be fought on several fronts. He added that preparations need to be made for a world that does not have just one police officer, and realizes that the US is focused on Russia and China. "That's the reality," he said.

Tehran has called Israel's military drills and sentiment against its nuclear program "empty threats." the Islamic Republic responded with their own military exercises designed to deter Israel.

Israel activating its mid-air refueling fleet indicates that Jerusalem is preparing a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, or that it is trying to send a message to Iran and the world as a whole that it's making preparations to do so.

Bennett revealed that the campaign to weaken Iran has begun and that other nations were involved saying; "The campaign to weaken Iran has begun. This campaign is being conducted in multiple fields: nuclear, economic, cyber, overt and covert operations, both by ourselves and in collaboration with others."

Yesterday, Israel365 News reported that for the first time, Israel joined the US in a naval drill off the coast of Iran.

Originally published at Israel 365 News - reposted with permission.

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