How to conduct service maintenance of a heating furnace

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When summer comes, many people forget about the existence of a heating system in their houses. Outdoor heat makes many people refuse its service maintenance. However, the summer heat is short-lived and only a little time passes before it would get colder outdoors. Then most people remember about the heating system but it sometimes does not function, as it should.

That’s why you need regular service maintenance of your heating system. The heating maintenance service in Denver can be ordered from the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company, which technicians have many-year experience and are ready to cope with any difficulty. Do not postpone this issue before colds because, in summer, specialists are usually freer when in a cold season, one shall get in the line to receive maintenance.

The importance of regular maintenance

Heating devices require regular technical inspection independently of the outer condition of a device, its type, or service life. Furnaces working on electricity and gas are equally prone to malfunctions and clogging. Along with that, many malfunctions cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Outside, your furnace may seem new and shiny but its internal elements may be clogged with soot, dust, and garbage or be corroded. In this case, your heating system will not be able to effectively cope with its tasks. It might not effectively warm up the air inside the premises, be too noisy, or stop functioning at all.

What the maintenance works include

Service maintenance of furnace consists of qualified and complex services, which include:

  • visual inspection of the condition of the heating device
  • inspection of the thermostat and estimation of its workability
  • diagnostics of the filter, fan belt, and other elements
  • checking the work of the indicator light (only for gas furnaces)
  • lubricating the heating engine to provide its trouble-free operation.

The diagnostics of the heating device includes the procedures of inspection of outer and inner nodes. For a start, a technician visually inspects the condition of the furnace. They estimate the level of dirtiness and check the absence or presence of soot, dirt, and carbon deposits. Then, they disassemble the device to evaluate its internal condition. The disassembling is made accurately so as not to damage the nodes.

They pay specific attention to the filter, which is prone to frequent clogging during long exploitation. It must be disassembled and cleaned, after which, it must be returned to its place. Typically, a filter needs to be cleaned every three months but the regularity of this procedure is affected by the intensiveness of furnace exploitation and the quality of equipment in general.

What else is checked

The list of works is affected by the system’s type and the number of elements therein. Gas furnaces require more frequent service maintenance because natural gas clogs the system more actively. Electric devices cost more money and are clogged slower but one shan’t ignore their service maintenance as well.

By the way, a heating system is a complex of nodes, so malfunction in one of them can be a problem. That’s why specialists check the work of the thermostat, gas and combustion chambers, and other elements, which are a part of a heating system. Private homes require regular cleaning of a chimney to effectively remove combustion products to the street.

Regularity of maintenance

How often one should make the maintenance of a furnace? Typically, manufacturers indicate this in the product passport. But the periodicity can be more or less frequent depending on how often the heating system is used.

Independently of the intensiveness of system exploitation, specialists recommend doing maintenance of a furnace once a year. It must be conducted not in those moments when the system starts to show signs of malfunction but even when it functions uninterruptedly without malfunctions. Even if your furnace is doing great, an extra check will not be superfluous.

Regular preventive maintenance makes it possible to timely find critical malfunctions and make the timely replacement of spare parts. If you ignore the problem, the wear of spare parts continues. And in such circumstances, repairing will be costly and in some cases, your furnace is to be completely replaced.

Who shall make the maintenance

Some heating system owners believe that there is no need to call a specialist for maintenance because they could do the repair on their own. Such actions of people could lead to tragic consequences. Gas or electric heating is not a toy. In the first case, one could damage the system elements, which might lead to gas leakage and fire hazard. Electric systems consist of many small parts, which are easily damaged in an unprofessional approach.

So do not try to save on the maintenance but call specialists in their area instead. Highly qualified maintenance provides safety, reliability of works, and long-lasting efficiency of equipment after the maintenance. Also, you should call only verified companies, which have been working on the market for many years. One of such companies is the Best Heating Cooling & Air in Denver.

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