What Are Conspiracy Theories in Politics?

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We’ve all the term conspiracy theory being thrown about, especially when it comes to political things and certain events. Almost all things have a conspiracy theory, including some of the Bundesliga standings. However, today we take a look at conspiracy theories from a political perspective and find out more about conspiracy theories in politics. 

What is the meaning of a conspiracy theory?

A conspiracy is a secret plan that’s normally initiated by a group of people to do something unlawful or harmful. The same can be said for a conspiracy theory; however, in the case of a conspiracy theory, it would be about certain events.

Conspiracy theories are normally given as an explanation for a particular event or situation that invokes a conspiracy created by a group of sinister and influential people. Usually conspiracy theories are politically motivated, and the ideas put forward may have a more reasonable explanation. 

Why democracy might be fueling political conspiracy theories

There has been a lot of talk about democracy fueling political conspiracy theories. The truth is those conspiracy theories are fuelled by three main long-term factors such as inequality, political polarization, and distrust. All of these three key factors are highly facilitated by one primary factor, which is competition. Competition is a precondition of democracy. 

Governance is needed for democracy to reign. Factors such as corruption play a significant role in the three main long-term vital factors. The government, in many countries, is self-serving and, therefore, willing to place the majority of people at risk. By the majority, we mean the lower and middle-class people living within that country. Unfortunately, lower and middle-class people are the most likely to feel the effects of political conspiracy theories.

It’s important to remember those conspiracy theories are primarily directed at those who contribute very little to the economy. Yes, the majority in many countries is the middle to lower class; however, their contribution to the economy is minimal. This means that they are easily disposable because of this. The wealthy, on the other hand, have access to resources and contribute in a significant way to the economy. 

Political parties handle conspiracy theories very differently; however, many tend to try and push a message of disbelief through the media. Some tend to issue official statements or disqualify the sources that the conspiracy theories come from. Either way, their main objective is to place doubt on conspiracy theories and get the public to believe what is being told to them. 

Books and films about conspiracy theories

Books have been published, and movies have been made about political conspiracy theories. Below we take a look at the different books and films that have been made about conspiracy theories.

  • The Paranoid Style in American Politics

  • Routledge Handbook of Conspiracy Theories

  • The United States of Paranoia: A conspiracy theory

  • The Illuminatis! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, the Golden Apple, Leviathan

  • Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the CIA

It’s important to note that reading these books will give you a deeper understanding of political conspiracy theories, especially in America. These books will provide you with a deeper look and help you gain clarity. 

  • The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

  • All the President’s Men (1976)

  • They Live (1988)

  • JFK

  • Winter Kills

When looking at conspiracy theory movies, you need to keep in mind that these are merely adaptations of what seems to be the truth. Some storytellers may go as far as dramatizing or adding fictitious events to help make the movie more interesting. 

Some final thoughts on conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories, especially those related to politics, can sometimes be true; however, this is not so with all conspiracy theories; when hearing or researching a particular idea, always keep an open mind but try to use reason. Some theories were created to cause unrest within the country, so it’s always best to do your research. 

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