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If you’re found yourself eagerly reading the opening words of this article, you, too, are no doubt looking to grow or increase the popularity of your Instagram in some way. Yet, the options are positively daunting, right? You’ve probably already narrowed your search to organic growth companies, as the alternative (automated growth) is too much of a risk and probably won’t give you the results you are looking for. Let’s take a minute to talk about why, shall we?

No To Automated Growth!

As you will probably be aware, automated growth has become rather perilous over recent years. Whilst many initially only saw the pros of this service, namely the quick growth and cheap service, people quickly understood that it simply was not worth it. With fake or inactive accounts and bots used to obtain growth, this is simply a numbers-only game. There is little to no interaction from the ‘users’ you see on your followers list and, due to being inactive, they quickly drop off. Worse yet, Instagram does not allow bots to be used for growth and, if detected, will actually suspend your account while they look into the matter. So in fact, automated growth can actually work against you.

There are still some that play the risky game of using automated growth services, probably as a temporary measure to give the impression that their accounts are more popular than they actually are, but in our opinion and experience, it simply is not worth it and can (and most probably will) bring more trouble than good.

How To Choose An Organic Growth Agency

Having decided that you’re going to settle for the safer option of an organic growth agency, it doesn’t mean the indecision is over. There are many services that claim to offer organic growth, so it’s really up to you to do your research and check which companies are reputable and which are not. There are a few ways you can do this, but checking (legitimate) user reviews is a great method. Remember, not everything you read online is genuine, so it’s important to understand that some things you read may be sponsored or inaccurate. Anything with similar content to other reviews should be believed cautiously.

Remember to check things like reviews, user experiences, prices, the different packages they offer, the features of each, and the time they claim it takes to achieve the growth.

If You’re Considering FollowFox..

First of all, great choice! FollowFox is proving itself to be one of the most reliable, honest and result oriented organic growth agencies online. And for good reason, too. FollowFox is totally transparent about what to expect, how its service works and will (literally) answer any question you have at any time - day or night. They have proved themselves to be total professionals in the Instagram growth service field.

FollowFox also prides itself on the fantastic features it offers, including but not limited to:

     Personalized dashboard feature which displays all of your personal growth data, in weekly, monthly and yearly format

     24/7 customer service - you can literally ask them anything growth related at any time and they’ll be there to answer and reassure you.

     Three different pricing packages designed to fit every need and budget, whether you’re looking for personal growth, influencer or business.

     An extremely user-friendly website that explains everything without becoming overwhelming.

     Two members of staff assigned to you: a personal account manager and a growth manager.

What The Reviews Say

Please note: all reviews listed or mentioned below are from

TrustPilot seems to be the best place online to access honest, unbiased reviews of things like growth agencies. It is certainly a central platform for us when we’re researching Instagram growth. This is one of the main reasons that so many people choose FollowFox - they have an incredible 74% of reviews that are excellent and 15% great. The below is a small selection of what users have to say.

The totally safe way of acquiring Instagram real followers works like a charm every time. Thanks, Followfox!”  - Arlind Duro, US

“I am so happy that I chose an agency that brings real Instagram followers. It changed everything for me. I gained so much traffic on my page, which is a very important part especially when you are just getting started.”  - Jelia Goms, US

“I have tried several growth services but followfox is the most affordable one, organic growth with different interacting strategies and responsive customer service. best option in the market”  -  Paul Oldham, US

“Really satisfied with their service, they manage my business account and I have already got hundreds of followers in 1 month. I like their dashboard where you check anytime how many followers your profile gained so totally recommend FollowFox”  - Anna Zevon, US

“I've been testing several Instagram growth services and at last found company that brings real followers. I always check new followers that followfox brings and they are interested in my niche, so followfox's targeting strategies really works, besides their customer service is great, I always get answers on my questions in several hours”  -  Lukas Kozminski, US

Reviews & User Ratings Make FollowFox The Clear Choice

Adding up the user reviews, ratings from past users and the sheer amount of features that FollowFox offers, they are clearly the leading choice on the market currently. With competitive prices, fantastic reviews, totally human-powered organic growth, 24/7 customer service and more, you can be totally confident when choosing FollowFox for your Instagram growth. Not a bot or fake account in sight!

Remember, you’re able to keep on top of your growth at all times via the dashboard feature, which will display current, entirely up to date growth rates. Your personal account manager will be in touch periodically to discuss any updates, as well as being available to you round-the-clock to answer any questions you may have about their service. Remember, organic growth can take a couple of weeks to achieve as these are REAL people with content and interests similar to yours. Check out FollowFox today!

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