Abortion Bedtime Stories? Children's Storybook Glorifies Abortion

News Image By Jonathon Van Maren/ April 18, 2022
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Last summer, I reviewed a book released by two "queer" abortion doulas in this space called What's an Abortion, Anyway? The illustrator -- Mar -- uses "they/them" pronouns and identifies as "a brown genderqueer," and the author, Carly Manes, has helped more than 2,000 women have abortions.

The book, which is packed with both pro-abortion propaganda as well as factual errors (they refuse to refer to the baby in any way, shape, or form throughout) is intended to introduce the subject of abortion to children while tossing in some LGBT talking points for good measure (people "of all gender identifies get pregnant," the children are told at one point.)

A photo of this children's book about killing children has now gone viral after an abortion activist named Renee Bracey Sherman posted a photo of herself holding up the book with two little children sleeping peacefully in bed in the background. Sherman, who has both edited and co-authored books about abortion and refers to herself as "The Beyoncé of Abortion Storytelling," explained that she was excited to read the book to the children.

"Wait till she finds out this has been our family's bedtime story on our vacation this week as my niece loves this book and reads it to her little sister every night," Sherman wrote. "Our family was created by abortion, adoption, and parenting decisions. I love our family."

The photo included a caption with an alleged quote from her little niece: "Can I read ____ her bedtime story? Because I know what abortion is, but she doesn't and she probably should."

Sherman's statement was in response to a tweet by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' press secretary Christina Pushaw's reaction to her earlier endorsement of the book. Sherman had noted that she "loves talking to kiddos about repro stuff, including abortion," and Pushaw expressed shock that someone would "love talking to kiddos about abortion." Sherman doubled down with her brutal story about abortion bedtime stories, and the Internet responded with horror.

"'We took your little sibling and killed her. You're lucky we didn't kill you. Now celebrate and affirm the death of your sibling with me,'" Lila Rose of Live Action tweeted. "No words to describe how violent, cruel and abusive this is."

"'Our family was created by abortion' is a pretty grim argument," noted Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire.

Scores of other people pointed out that a family cannot be "created" by abortion, because abortion kills a child. A family can only be damaged by these acts of violence against its weakest and most vulnerable members, not "created." Pro-choice accounts also expressed their disgust, noting that abortion bedtime stories for children is simply a bridge too far, even for those who support permitting feticide.

Sherman's tweet and the abortion storybook, however, are simply part of a growing trend where abortion is embraced as an objective good rather than a necessary evil. 

Just recently, another woman tweeted a photo of a cake with "It's a Boy" written across it in icing -- with the "y" crossed out so it instead read: "It's aborted." The caption: "Abortion is healthcare. And also traumatic so if you have one, please gather all of your closest friends after to celebrate. Be around endless love and happiness for your decision. Thanks for everyone who came last night."

Poor little boy. He was cruelly killed, and his mother threw a party to celebrate with all her closest friends -- and there was even cake. The twisted mind of an abortion supporter can rejoice in the grimmest things -- and after the child is dead and the cake is gone, there are now prettily-illustrated storybooks to read to the survivors.

Originally published at The Bridgehead - reposted with permission.

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