What are the 3 types of SEO

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To the unknowing eye it may not immediately jump out but digital marketing and SEO go hand in hand. In many ways SEO or search engine optimization can be seen as a subsection of digital marketing. Tasked with helping brands improve their digital footprint an SEO firm in Boston, much like it’s “traditional” counterpart adopts the same aim —drawing more eyeballs towards your brand.

Although, the aim in this context is to attract more traffic towards your website in a natural fashion while reaching the top of search engine result pages.

Why is SEO such a Vital Tool?

Every business with an online presence has a vested interest in managing it as, the closer your brand is to reaching the top of search engine results the more customers are susceptible of visiting your site. More site visits equals more potential sales which equates to increased profits.

When looking at SEO strategies, there are 3 to keep at the forefront of your mind.

On Page SEO

Often referred to as internal SEO, on page SEO refers to maximizing, as is in the name, elements on the website. This encompasses everything from website content to website structure with the ultimate aim to help your website carry more authority, making it more recognizable to search engine algorithms.

On Page SEO elements typically targeted include:

  • Meta descriptions & Tags
  • Visual elements (images, videos, etc)
  • Content
  • Overall Website Structure

Good on site SEO favors overall user experience while attracting more business, the idea is to create a synergy between search engines and people.

Off Page SEO

Concerning targeting elements outside of your site, external SEO or off page SEO strategies mainly revolve around link building through other websites or social media posts that will ultimately link back to your site. This increases your credibility leading to higher ranking positions among search engine results.

Off Page SEO elements typically targeted include:

  • Links (link building, earning etc)
  • Geographical Search Queries
  • Instituting Credibility

Generally tackled after on page SEO, Some SEO firms in Boston will argue that off page SEO is more important as it also heavily relies on high quality content that will be perceived as “worthy to click on”.

Technical SEO

Allows your site to be scanned more efficiently by search engine algorithms and thus rank better, technical SEO does not concern itself with the external or internal contents of your site but rather its overall configuration.

Elements of technical SEO typically targeted include:

  • Usable on Mobile Devices
  • Loading Speed
  • Link Structure
  • URLs
  • Content Duplication

Certain technical requirement being met by your website will help it rank higher amongst search engine results.

Just a Glance

As you’ve come to understand SEO strategies to help improve your website’s visibility go far deeper than the general overview given here, call on a party with the right expertise and rival with your competition.

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