Dallas Mavericks odds of winning the 2022-2023 NBA season

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Many pundits and fans will disagree, but right now the Dallas Mavericks are a real contender for the championship in the 2022-2023 NBA season. This team will be in the list of contenders as long as their main superstar Luka Doncic plays for the club. However, with all the advantages of the Slovenian, the Mavericks have some questions this season. After reaching the Western Conference Finals last year, the team failed to improve in the offseason, but rather lost Jaylen Brunson, who became one of the main discoveries of the Playoffs and moved to the New York Knicks. Unfortunately for Mavs fans, several factors are working against the team, which will likely prevent them from making it to the Playoffs.

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The success of the Dallas Mavericks last season

This past season, the Dallas Mavericks have surpassed all expectations. No one expected a team led by Luka Doncic to win 52 games, but they did, finishing fourth in the Conference. Luka Doncic really rocked the basketball world in the post-season. After Dallas eliminated the Jazzmen in the first round, the Mavs lost 3-2 to the Suns in the Western Conference semi-finals and the media had already written Dallas off at some point. However, the team was not going to give up. Having reached the decisive seventh game, the Mavs knocked out the Finnix by 46 points. In the Western Conference Finals, Dallas lost to the eventual champion Golden State Warriors.

Dallas problems in the new season

Despite all the advantages of the Mavs, they have several obvious problems that the team will have to solve this season. One of them is associated with head coach Jason Kidd. You don't need to understand basketball at a professional level to understand that the main successes of Dallas in recent seasons are solely due to the genius Luka Doncic and his incredible talent. In the Playoffs last season, the Slovenian became the leader in terms of points per game (31.7), and this is with only 34.7% of three-pointers. However, when the team faced the Warriors, Luka's talent alone wasn't enough. At this point, Doncic needed the coach's support to creatively plan the team's game. However, the head coach did not find answers to difficult questions. This problem is one of the main ones in the new season. However, Jason Kidd is getting new experience, developing in a professional level and it is likely that he will be able to surprise us this year.

Another problem for the Mavs is that Luka Doncic simply does not have stellar support on the court. Of course, the Dallas superstar can play for two, but he needs help. Perhaps, Christian Wood and JaVale McGee, who signed a contract with the Mavericks in the offseason, can partially solve this problem. However, at the moment, Wood is only coming off the bench, and Dwight Powell is taking the place of the starting center.

Can the Dallas Mavericks win an NBA championship in the 2022-2023 season?

Many experts agree that it will be quite difficult for the Mavs to repeat the successes of the past season. New Orleans is currently leading the Conference, and the Clippers are playing with a rebuilt Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Therefore, if we evaluate the chances of Dallas soberly, then for sure they will only be able to get through the first round of the Playoffs. A lot will depend on how successful rookie Christian Wood's game will be.

Doncic is still young, so Dallas' championship prospects will remain for years to come. But the problem with the depth of the roster is not solved in any way. Tim Hardaway Jr. will recover from injury this season and is showing a good game, but there is no one to replace Jaylen Brunson Jason Kidd yet. It is possible that the head coach will be able to partially solve the problem of the point guard at the expense of Kemba Walker, who signed a short-term contract with the club.

At the moment, Dallas is in the TOP-10 contenders for the championship and takes 9th place in this list. The odds for this event in the bookmakers is 18.00.

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