Kratom Tea Vs. Kava: Learn 6 Similarities And Differences Between Them

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Introduction To Kratom

The recreational market is quite large. Here Kratom and Kava form a significant part of the market. We will go through the similarities between the most popular products of each. 

We will describe Kratom and Kava and the six similarities between them. We will also have happy hippo kratom reviews at the end.

Comes From Southeast Asia Coffee Family Plants

Kratom leaves come from the Southeastern part of the Asian continent. The Kratom leaves have different maturity and colors. Therefore, they come in handy in making Kratom extract, which goes inside the famous Kratom tea.

Different From Other Opioids

Kratom does not come under opioids, but it does interact with the same receptors as they do. It often causes confusion among beginners and Kratom users.

Kratom Leaves Have Alkaloids Mitragynine Inside

The Kratom leaves on the trees have mitragynine content inside, making them psychoactive. The same reflects in Kratom tea.

High-Quality Kratom Might Be An Alternative To Opioid Pain Relievers

The quality products of Kratom-based products might be similar to other opiates. They might act the same way as opioid pain relievers. They affect the limbic system in small doses and might be beneficial for pain. Health risks are associated with overdosing on both and might cause opioid side effects.

It has Potential Pain Relieving Effects.

Pain relief might be a possible result of consuming Kratom tea, but there is no concrete evidence to back the same.

Kratom Use Gaining Worldwide Acceptance

Kratom has become popular extensively globally. Western countries have a robust Kratom market and an ever-increasing consumer base. Kratom tea has become popular among young adults and senior citizens as well.

Kratom Powder From Kratom Vendors Comes From Kratom Tree

The Kratom extract is crushed and mixed with binders to make Kratom powder available globally to many kratom vendors.

Introduction To Kava

Kava comes from the piper tree and comes from the South Pacific region. It has mild sedative properties, which is due to the extracts inside.

It comes From Piper Methysticum.

The plant is evergreen, and the leaves contain Kava extract. The plant grows perfectly in the region due to the favorable soil and climate.

Has Sedative Effect

The premium kratom extract inside the Kava has sedative properties, which might come in handy to mix with edibles. It also enhances sleeping hours for many.

A Herbal Remedy?

Kava has come in handy as a herbal remedy in the past. The traditional farmers used Kava in beverages as a remedy for light ailments. Although, there is not much scientific data to back it up.

A Opiate Receptor Agonist

The Kava extract interacts with opioid receptors. The extract also interacts with neural receptors, which might ease an individual and cause mild sedation.

Kratom Tea Vs. Kava Bars: The 6 Similarities Between Them

Organic products vary in properties, which depend on the plant or region they come from. The plant controls the constituents inside the product and its effect on consumers. In a vast recreational market, it is tough for products to stand out from the rest or to stay in the market for a long time.

The best ones, like Kratom or Kava, have been in the recreational market for years. They both were a typical addition to the culture of Southeast Asians.

With time, the products became popular enough to be exported to foreign countries, which became instantly popular among locals. Below we will discuss the similarities between Kava and Kratom, two competitors in the recreational market.

Both Are Organic

Organic products have become a household name for many. It is due to various reasons, the crucial being their uniqueness compared to chemical-based products. On the other hand, chemical or synthetic products have become notorious for causing side effects in consumers, which might become adverse with time.

On the contrary, organic products have fewer chances of causing adverse side effects, automatically making them more eco-friendly. For example, Kava and Kratom are both organic.

The Kratom plant, which comes in handy to make Kratom tea, comes from mitragyna speciosa or a Kratom tree, typically from Southeast Asia. Kava comes from a type of evergreen tree known as the piper tree. The leaves of both Kratom and Kava are broad and have different enzymes inside.

Both Might Be Handy To Relieve Pain

Pain can be extreme and excruciating for many individuals. The temporary muscle pain might go away fast enough, but chronic pain takes time.

Both Kava and Kratom might excel at being an alternative. It can be in muscles or neural receptors for many. It has several chemical-based treatments and therapies, which might be expensive for many.

Kava might produce sedative effects and come in handy as a light pain reliever. On the other hand, Kratom tea has trance-inducing properties, which might also come in handy as a pain reliever. They might be similar in the result.

Both Are Affordable

Organic products are cheaper than most chemical-based products because they require fewer processing techniques. The Kava and Kratom extract come from plants, making them automatically cheaper and more affordable for users.

Kratom tea uses many extraction techniques, making it more expensive than Kava bars. Although, it still makes them both cheaper and cost-effective for beginners and expert users.

Both Are Native To Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is famous for many edible and organic products. One such example is spices, which are exquisite to this region. The climate, weather, and winds make it the perfect region for spices and other organic products.

The same goes for recreational products, and southeast Asian countries have become a hub for the same. Kratom is a specific product to grow in Southeast Asian countries, and the tree is perfect for growing in countries like Thailand.

The Kava comes from the piper tree, which belongs to the evergreen family. The evergreen trees are best to grow in Southeast Asian countries.

Both Have A Budding Market And A Worldwide Acceptance

The recreational market has recently been budding due to many reasons. One is the aftermath of the pandemic, and the other is the diminishing trust in chemical-based products. Individuals increasingly want to avoid including synthetic edibles in their daily diet.

It makes the recreational or organic market the perfect alternative. In the vast market, Kratom and Kava stand out. It highlights the similarity between kava bars and Kratom tea regarding an expanding market and popularity. The sales of both of these products have doubled over the last decade.

The Active Natural Ingredients In Both Go Perfectly With Edibles

The recreational market often attracts consumers because of its versatility. One can mix it with boiling water, cookies, bakery products, smoothies, beverages, and many more.

Kava and Kratom are perfect for tea or coffee and might be your morning beverage.

Which Is Better For Withdrawal Symptoms And Links To Drug Related Crimes?

Withdrawal symptoms might occur after addiction to alcohol or synthetic drugs. It can make the life of an individual worse. Many symptoms haunt them once they try to get rid of their addiction. They can be anxiety, stress, depression, lack of energy, and many more.

It might also lead to severe symptoms, which can also be adverse. Both Kratom and Kava might help with the same. However, Kratom might be the best fit, as it is more potent and has a more substantial effect on neural receptors, which might ease withdrawal symptoms.

In terms of crimes, many organizations report Kratom crimes more annually than those relating to Kava.

A Dietary Supplement?

FDA issues health risks warnings that might outweigh the health benefits of Kratom. For example, kratom tea might have an excellent aroma but might cause addiction due to the mitragynine extract inside. Hence, FDA does not recommend Kratom leaves or Kratom products as a dietary addition, and individuals should not believe the claims of health benefits from Kratom vendors.

Kava is milder than Kratom leaves or strains, making it more suitable for beginners. It has more or less the same risks and might not also help with a withdrawal syndrome. But Kava is also not approved as a dietary edible.

Happy Hippo Herbals- Happy Hippo Kratom Reviews

Happy hippo herbals have the highest quality kratom tea and Kratom-based products and offer excellent customer service. They have regular kratom strains and the best kratom tea for beginners having active ingredients inside.

The products are of excellent quality, and one might get free samples and honest reviews on their websites. Regular Kratom use requires safe herbal products, a unique selling point of this vendor over other vendors. They ship to many countries.

Final Thoughts

Both Kava and Kratom have their perks. They stand neck to neck when it comes to popularity. However, a general trend is that Kratom is a favorite of experienced recreational product users. They may consume kratom for pain and anxiety and related issues.

The Kava extract is a typical choice for beginners. Kratom tea and Kava bars are affordable and easy to consume and travel with. These traits make them the favorite of many recreational product enthusiasts.

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