Top Sports for Bettors in Australia by a BetZillion Expert, Tim Harrison

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Popular Sports to Bet on in Australia - Tips by Tim Harrison for Prophecy News Watch

It's pretty impossible to separate Australia and sports because the relationship between the two dates back to the colonial periods. Sports in Australia are older than the Great Melbourne Telescope.

As sports evolved across the globe, Australia also grew with it. Thanks to technology, people now follow sports more with various viewing platforms, including TV stations and streaming platforms. Also, many people now place bets more conveniently on games as people can be in their rooms and still place wagers.

To help you get more insight into the games you can bet on, we at Prophecy News Watch spoke with Tim Harrison, a betting expert from BetZillion. This guide will tell you the most popular sports to bet on in Australia:

       Australian football

       Rugby League




Most Popular Sports to Wager in Australia

Australia is blessed with many sports. While some of them are popular across the globe, others are more popular within the country. Here are some of the best sports to wager in Australia.

1.   Australian Football

Like in the US, where they have American Football, Australia also has football. Popularly called Aussie Rules, Australian Football is considered the most popular sport in the country thanks to the massive number of viewers not only in Australia but across the globe.

The sport dates back to the 1850s and has continued to grow since then. Aussie Rules has taken over the majority of the states in the country, including Melbourne, Northern Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, and Southern Australia.

The highest level of Australian Football is played in the Australian Football League, which started in 1892. The league is currently contested among 18 teams from six states within the country, each playing 22 games (home and away) per season. The top eight teams then proceed into the found-round final series, where they fight for the AFL Grand Final.

The number of games available each season ensures you always have games to bet on. Many bookmakers allow you to wager on Aussie Rules from the corner of your room without even needing to be at the game.

Here is how Geelong Football Club won the Premiership Cup by trashing Sydney Swans by 81 points:

2.   Rugby League

Rugby is not only popular in Australia. Rugby is a well-known sport worldwide. However, there are two varieties of Rugby League and Rugby Union, but Rugby League is more prevalent in the country.

The National Rugby League in Australia competes with Aussie Rules to get the attention of fans. As a result, it can be challenging to pinpoint which of the two is more popular.

The sport is even more famous because, despite starting in the early 20th century, almost 500,000 players play rugby in Australia. Thanks to this, many sports betting platforms provide bettors to wager on the game.

3.   Tennis

Although not a team sport, tennis is a well-known sport in Australia. The fact that the country hosts a Grand Slam makes this claim even more accurate.

Australia hosts the Australian Open, arguably one of the most popular tennis events in the world. More than 812,000 people attended the event in 2020.

The Australian Open is held in January every year, attracting many viewers across the globe. The competition also attracts punters who wager on a match-to-match basis and the outright winner to win the tournament.

4.   Soccer (Football)

Popularly called football in Europe and other places across the globe, it's known as soccer in Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and other areas. Although not the most popular, soccer still has many followers in Australia. Thanks to their constant participation in the FIFA World Cup, having graced the competition on six occasions. After first participating in 1974, they participated from the 2006 edition till the 2022 edition.

After beating Tunisia and Denmark 1-0 in the group stage following a 4-1 loss to France in the first game, Australia reached the Round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. That was the second time they would reach that stage in the competition's history. However, they lost 2-1 to eventual winners Argentina.

Also, the top professional soccer league, A-League, is well-known in the country and abroad. Contested by 12 teams, 11 from Australia and one from New Zealand, each team plays 26 matches in the regular season before the playoffs, where the top six teams compete for the big prize. The series of games available for wager betting makes Soccer one of the most popular sports in the country.

5.   Cricket

This list will not be complete without adding cricket. It is because of how successful Australia has been in the sport worldwide. The Men's Cricket Team has won the Cricket World Cup five times, having participated on seven occasions. They are also the most successful side in One Day International Cricket history, and they've won over 60% of their matches.

Many bookmakers allow bettors to bet on cricket in Australia, with many matches available. They also allow betting on other countries, especially in tournaments Australia did not qualify for. Meanwhile, you don't have to wager on Australia on the betting platforms.


Australia is a home for several sports, and Australians are crazy about a series of competitions. Before registering an account with a bookmaker, having the best betting strategies to help you place good bets is best. One of the strategies is finding out the best sports you can wager on in the country. This guide has shown us a few of them. Although it is not an exhaustive list, it does give you an idea of what you can take advantage of. If you are yet to read the guide, it may be a good time to do that.

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